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Wolflink289 Timer V1.0.2

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May 19, 2009 | 10:35 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Need to time how long until you check your chicken soup? This timer will help!
Want to time you kid(s)? Set the skin to hidden mode and make your kid think this is a file viewing program!

Simply set the timer using the sliders and set the ticking noise on or off and press go!
Tip: The 60 sec/ 60 min is for using odd numbers.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a flash AS2 bug I can not stop the audio so you will have to close the timer then re-open it to time again.

NOTE: Change Skins to stop Hidden Mode.

Version 0.5 Includes:
3 Color (Colour) skins and 1 hidden skin for parental timer. Just press "Skins"!
12 RANDOM pictures in hidden mode.
LSO Save Data.

Version 0.6 Adds:
2 More skins: Red and Green

Version 1.0 (COOL UPDATE!) Adds:
4 Custom (Yes custom) skin slots.
The power to make skins to suit your needs. (I DIDN'T make the swatch panel)
The ability to load your skins.

If anyone asks "Will my custom skins stay when I exit?" Yes they will because I made the save button save to the CS slots and if they aren't found for some reason just write it in the review and I will get to that bug A.S.A.P.

Skin Editor:
First click the "Skin Editor" Button. Next click a slider or part (or the background) in the preview window. Then click the Swatch panel button (I used a flash component I downloaded) . Set the swatch to see the object changed on the preview window. When your done with the swatches set Hidden mode to on or off (Hidden HIDDEN Mode... Sneaky...) . Finally Press CS1,2,3 or 4 (with the RED letters/numbers) to save it to that CS (Custom Skin) Slot. To open it go to the skins mode (after clicking save it auto take you to the set screen by the way) And click CS (1-4 depending on what you saved it to)

Parental Timer:

First load the timer and set the skin to hidden. Then choose whether to show the file names for the pictures using the on off sliders. Next you want to set the time using the sliders on the right
(Tip: 60 sec is +1 min. I cant fit 59 slide objects in so you will want to use this tip.)
Next tell your kid not to touch your open programs, web pages, ect. Finally press "Go!" to start the timer.

NOTE: Some kids may realize this is a timer and reset it to play for a REALLY long time.
NOTE 2: If any CS is an all-black skin it means the skin hasn't been created or someone made it black for some reason.

By the way I still have not got to creating an icon so hang on...
BTW2: I fixed the preloader showing up always when entering frame 1 problem.

Sorry the hidden mode stays on for ALL the CS's Im working on that. FIXED.
Sorry the skin save TEMP instances stay until overwritten. FIXED.



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Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is stupid


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I would have to give it a five out of ten...

I would have to give this early version of your timer a five out of ten. You kept my attention with all the fancy tools and skins. The down side to the skins was that there were no fancy styles like luster effects, and glows. The timer seemed to work, but once you press go, you are stuck in that frame with an annoying, endless looping buzzer. Makes you want to blow your freaking brains out! There were a lot of frames that didn't have back buttons so you just get stuck and end up having to exit the entire game. The actionscript is amazing! Seriously! The URL links worked, most buttons functioned properly, the timer worked, and the preloader loaded correctly. You also tried to stop hackers, and cheaters from taking your work, but you didn't do too much of a good job. You deleted the right-click menu, but not the TAB key functions. I hope you can get more done in Version 2 or whatever you decide to name it and I also hope that you will remember this review.

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wolflink289 responds:

Thx! By the way you close the window when the buzzer goes off because flash audio is messed up and move the sliders to set the time. By the way, I didn't make the swatch picker (I didn't have time because i said it would come out today) The ULR link works by setting the link panel in properties to Http://

Thanks for commenting!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I didn't get it