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Stickman PHSE Advert

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This is the violent stickman version of my advert.

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we couldn't make a five minute fight scene because we had to make our presentation in like 3 mins. anyway, this was a school project so we couldn't make it all gory and stuff

I actually enjoyed it.

The title of the flash animation is, if you couldn't read it guys who posted below me: "Stickman PHSE Advert".

Advert. That stands for 'advertisement'.

On TV, you pay by the minute for a slot in which your advertisement is shown. Therefore, you need to cram information into that one little minute that you pay for.

This is a nice representation of an effective advertisement - in a real TV ad, you don't have the time or money to do a 5 minute fight scene, let alone pay for a 5-minute advert to be shown on the television!

Maybe only two things I'd comment on:
1) Make the animation a little better, and a lot bigger (there's a lot of empty wasted space as there isn't even a background)
2) Add the infamous TV-commercial's blue 'call now!' screen and record some random humourous statements into the usual "only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Offer void in New York and New Jersey. Please see your local supermarket for details. Restrictions apply, results may vary. This is not an FDA approved food and may cause internal hemorrhaging and/or testicular shrinkage." Or something like that (I'm no comedian).

Nabirules responds:

for someone, who isn't a comedian, that was pretty funny.

Thanks for commenting, I found that very helpful.


not really funny, and not enough violence. Maybe if you didn't address what it was in the comments and the fight went on for about 5 minutes, but it really wasn't anything special to me.


i think that would sell...i think...


Pretty funny.
Nice work.