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Inner City TD

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Author Comments

Hi you all!

Now there have 6 weeks passed since I first tried making a game in flash. I did a dress-up game that was very simple but helped me take the step to actually getting on with trying flash as I had planned on for so long..:)

I think I have learnt alot in the last 6 weeks and here is my latest game: Inner City TD (I just love TD games..:))

I have an idea to develop this game further and adding levels and difficulty modes. What do you think of it? Does this game deserve more developement and maybe a number 2 or should I move to my next idea for a game right away?

Please feel free to comment and leave notes..:)

Hope someone likes this game..


Good job

Good first game man. It was pretty easy but understandable since this is your first game. I see some cool TD's coming from you in the future.

Shittier GTA?

Alright. This felt like I was playing a wierd version of Grand Thiet Auto. Where the mob is nearly invincible and the cops are nothing but play toys in their way. With that out of the way, I'll point out the many things that need improving.

1.) The speed at which the cars move should be able to be controlled with a switch. It just makes the time when a wave starts and when you kill it, much faster. That, and I'm not stuck watching cars spin down the street, which brings me to point number 2.

2.) Why do the cars spin in a circle at every corner? Was this a joke towards a car spinning out of control if they hit a corner while going too fast? That alone took alot of the enjoyment out of it.

3.) The tower look really bad once you play them. They overlap each other, so if you have a group of Cop Cars close together, it's nearly impossible to click one for upgrading without clicking the rest.

4.) Where the hell did the mob get tanks? Like. The cops only seem to have some foot soldiers and cop cars, but the army has damn near EVERYTHING at their disposal. It was unrealistic. Also, the fact alone that one or two cop cars could kill an entire legion of Tanks, was unbelievable. Just. Wow.

5. This is my last point as my head is emitting more pain as I type about this. After wanting to speed thing up a bit, I figured I would just keep clicking the send button, only to find thousands of cars rushing my 4 little towers. Now, this would have been funny, if my score hadn't gone throught the ROOF because of it. I swear I broke nearly a million score just hitting the button. That needs fixing.

Anyway. I'm only giving this a low score because of this playthrough. It was crappy, and I just couldn't enjoy myself.

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loved the gta1 graphics.

Great job for just getting started.

I'm just getting into my first game too. I can respect how it can be sometimes. A little rough but hey you cant ask for it all so soon, right? Keep it up!

Quite nice.

I've taken into consideration that you're still learning this stuff, and very well done for a novice.

I could sell, someone seems to have not been able to. I'm not sure of the implications there. I had a hard time reading the "tower" information text. I will agree with someone else that the upgrade prices were weird, mainly in that the jumps were unexpected and sometimes the upgrade price didn't change although the upgrade went through.

I personally think you should expand on this game, both in content and in your quest for knowledge. I think it would be doubly-beneficial. Perhaps try to make the animations a little smoother with each advance, as well as making the controls feel smoother. Perhaps work on making more custom grid systems for this game. Also the "towers" didn't work as expected in these games. They were jittery and sometimes unresponsive. As I'm sure you're aware: generally in these games the "towers" will attack the forwardmost enemy within said tower's range. Sometimes in yours they would do the opposite, or just pick one at random. I'm not sure if this was your intention or just a small setback.

Again I must stress that this is very nice for your experience level. There have been a few "pro" flash game makers that would release games of similar quality when compared to the skill level and availability of technology. I would like to see a part two to this game. It would really show me how well you advance and I'm sure everyone else who likes TD games would like to see how you improve. I don't know it looks to me that you have good potential in TD games. Here's hoping for a part 2, and a positive anticipation for future game ideas. Again, nicely done.

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Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

May 18, 2009
9:27 PM EDT
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