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Crash-landed on a desolate, alien planet, what should've been a routine work-for-hire job for Powell has become a deadly mission to save the merchant vessel Morningstar and her crew.

As of Feb. 17, 2015 Morningstar became a full fledged PC game. Currently available on Steam, this version features remade graphics in 1080p, new HD cutscenes, remastered soundtrack, voice acting, new locations, new puzzles, an extended story, achievements and steam trading cards.



Absolutely Brilliant! A beautiful game!

good, but has a few minor flaws

Most of what I've seen is good. Quite intuitive, detailed, a lot of effort went into the story, characters, background images, etc.

The into movie is buggy - it never starts, can only skip it. I've tried this on a friend's computer too in another house and it's the same, no intro movie. That, for me, wasn't a huge deal but it was enough to annoy me just slightly. I wonder if the speech is too, or if that's a feature that hasn't been included yet? Because I cannot turn speech on. The music was annoying and repetitive so I had to switch it off. There also weren't very many sound effects. I think this could have been improved upon.

It would seem Ctrl+mouse wheel has been disabled too somehow. I don't know if this was necessary or not, but it makes it awkward since the game window is too big. Can't see the whole game window so have to keep using the side scroll bar continuously. I don't think my monitor screen is particularly small either, and it's at a high resolution.

Those are just a few nitpicks I had about it, but for the most part I really like this game.

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Absolutely amazing!



An excellent game--challenging puzzles, superb graphics, humorous, and surprisingly long (which is good!). I enjoyed playing it very much.

here's a walkthrough:

Pick up wrench from the top of cargo container.
Pick up doll from cargo container.
Use wrench on cockpit control panel
Enter cockpit.
Pick up screwdriver in front of captain.
Exit cockpit.
Use doll on engineering control panel.
Enter engineering.
Pick up gluegun.
Pick up empty fuel cell.
Pick up gluegun adhesive compartment from between cabinets.
Use screwdriver on loose panel.
Use wrench on loose panel.
Go to cockpit.
Turn on computer (left screen)
Turn off ventilator.
Go to medical room.
Pick up glass container.
Click 'Hibernation Control' on the screen.
Pick up used carbon filter.
Open first aid box.
Pick up syringe.
Use screwdriver on service panel.
Use wrench on steel pipe.
Pick up insulation foil.
Go to cargo bay.
Use syringe on industrial nanoglue.
Pick up firecracker from cargo container.
Go to cockpit.
Use syringeful of nanoglue on captain.
Go to cargo bay.
Use steel rod on containers blocking the way.
Go to back of cargo bay.
Pick up beer.
Pick up gas mask from cargo container.
Go to corridor.
Close in on hibernation chamber.
Use wrench on hibernation fluid tube.
Pick up adapter tube.
Pick up electric wires.
Use glass container on spilled hibernation fluid.
Use beer on drain.
Pick up nanogluegun applicator head.
Use adhesive compartment on gluegun (both in inventory)
Use applicator head on half-assembled gluegun (both in inventory)
Use fitting tube on gas mask (both in inventory)
Use insultion foil on gas mask with tube (both in inventory)
Go to medical room.
Use makeshift filter on ventilator.
Use hibernation fluid sample on analyzer.
Go to cargo bay.
Use assembled gluegun on industrial nanoglue.
Go to back of cargo bay.
Use electric wires on control panel.
Examine hull.
Use gluegun on hull breach.
Go to cockpit.
Use gluegun on hull breach.
Turn on ventilation (left screen)
Go to medical room.
Use gluegun on hull breach (within panel).
Go to cargo bay.
Use control panel.
Exit ship.
Go to desert.
Try going to military cruiser wreck. You'll end up at a gorge.
Examine sand.
Pick up saltpeter.
Pick up insecticide from cargo container.
Use saltpeter on used carbon filter.
Use insecticide on carbon and saltpeter.
Use black gunpowder on huge stone pillar.
Use firecracker on stone pillar with explosives.
You can now go to the military cruiser wreck.
Enter shipwreck.
Pick up energy cable.
Pick up Mendez's passcard from skeleton.
Go to hibernation room.
Go to single locker.
Use Mendez's passcard on card slot.
Pick up particle rifle.
Go to cockpit.
Climb down ladder.
Use loaded particle rifle on control panel. You'll get an empty rifle.
Use steel rod on door.
Enter engineering.
Use screwdriver on access panel.
Pick up plasma injector from behind access panel.
Pick up Habib's log from corpse.
Read habib's log (click on it in inventory). You will get coordinates of camp.
Go to camp.
Pick up tent pole from left tent.
Pick up Coulter's passcard from corpse (dead gunner)
Pick up Rosso's log from corpse (on right side of cargo container)
Read Rosso's log. (click on it in inventory)
Look into tent (at back of wall).
Pick up rope.
Go to gorge.
Walk over gorge to the other side.
Use energy cable on portable pylon.
Go down to ledge.
Pick up copper wire from cargo container.
Pick up shovel head from corpse.
Go to camp.
Look behind boulder.
Use steel pipe on shovel head.
Use shovel on grave.
Pick up taser from corpse.
Pick up broken PDA from corpse.
Go to UNS Armstrong.
Enter ship.
Go to hibernation chambers.
Go to double lockers.
Use Coulter's passcard on left card slot.
Search dark locker. This reveals a Buddha statuette.
Search dark locker again. This reveals a picture frame.
Go to camp.
Use Buddha statuette on steel rod. You get a crowbar.
Use crowbar on cargo container. You get a broken radio.
Use broken PDA to fix broken radio. You get a short-range scanner.
Use tent pole on short-range scanner.
Open up the satmap.
Use long range scanner on unknown desert. This reveals a crater.
Go to crater.
Go to wreckage.
Pick up Dertl's passcard from corpse.

that's as far as i can go. see ya

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May 18, 2009
5:42 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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