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Plant Guy Test

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I don't even remember when I made this it's so old. But I thought I needed some more flash content on my page, so here's something. It's kinda funny, but hardly a masterpiece.

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I'm kinda meh about this because the characters do not really look so realistic.

good thing this was just a test

the quality is good. if you can make an animation with this quality, it will do well. Just make sure that there is sound or music. good luck with your work.


give it a rest.. its kinda good at animation.. but no sounds and its more of an animated pic than an animation btw. it was just a test..

Could of been better...

No sound, less then 10 seconds long, but a great start for new animators. Not that you are one anymore.

why no sound?

it would be so easy and be that much better