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The Hard Hard Quiz

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After hard work, something not so great came out. I started it a long time ago so I wasn't so good then and I couldn't be bothered to redesign it as I just wanted to get it done.

Also there were many bugs I had to fix along the way.


The voice music thing is helarious

The voice music thing is helarious! It's only funny because of the sound effects and voices. Other than that, worse piece of bull shit ever made.

mrjanga responds:

You spelt "hilarious" wrong.

Polish and fix

There was some originality in the questions.

However the entire thing needs a full polish, the interface did not engage me, also you would probably be better off using your own art style as opposed to taking images.

And this needs a serious debug and fix. The sound began to start over when the game was restarted. And sometimes buttons simply would not work.

Give it a polish and a debug, then let me know so I can give more useful feedback to you.

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mrjanga responds:

I don't think it's worth fixing this, as I didn't enjoy making it and I was annoyed about all the bugs I had to fix.

It's ok

The game is ok, could be alot better. I love the hidden little britian reference.

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mrjanga responds:

What hidden Little Britain reference?

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1.90 / 5.00

May 18, 2009
4:08 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz