The Siren of Yin Yang

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The theme of the game is based on the true elementals of Yin Yang and the ideas behind Taoism. The game itself is influenced by Bejewelled. The sound sfx might be a little intense for the average user.
Rank your self against the list and see if you can get on top 10. You are chosen to help the four elemental gods power the symbols of siren. There are 4 wind rounds and 8 triagram sub levels. Collect Yin Yangs within time to pass level. See if you get on the top of the enchanted chart.

Music has been composed with garage band. Enjoy.

Update 20/05/09

The whole suddenly stop all deadly stupid glitch is my attempt to allow the player click anywhere any time for a faster game play, but apparently that causes problems like the black hole... aii sorry ..
Removed that increased time so hopefully, it runs although a little slower but no more black holes...

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ooookayyy,i was playing and at once the game like,stopped..but not just stopped,i still could move and all but that just didnt have any effect...a glitch or what?


Well.... I like the element powers. But, they don't work half of the time. Sometimes after just losing a round, I would start and my screen would immediately show one of the 'gods' and they would activate and the combo would be up to 'God Mode' before I had even clicked. Sometimes on the game over / continue screen, the last level or the next one would be "Undefined", while said level would be fixed after the next round. I also managed to somehow create a 'black hole' on the board, which owned that game. Because the god powers are so frustrating and other glitches, -4. Seriously, these made the game unplayable at the later levels.

So, the last point comes from demoting the player when they lose a round. That might have been acceptable if the rest of the glitches weren't there, but... well, they ARE there. I went back almost 5 rounds once (just plain lost the first, black hole on the second, god opening on the third, and glitching all the way through.).

Pointers: Things that could be improved, but I didn't dock points for.

I'm pretty sure that the god powers are mislabeled in the upgrade screen. The Snake is labeled as being The Destroyer if I remember correctly, while the Hawk is labeled as being Time Multiplier, and the Tiger is called Ying Yang Sweeper. The Dragon was spared from the mislabeling for some unknown reason. Very confusing, but not enough to subtract points, especially considering they were right in the instructions.

The opening text went by very quickly. I missed about half of it, I think. Slowing it down a bit would ensure that players got the story.

Players could unbalance the elements. Easiest to explain this with an example: I had 9 points. All the elementals were at level 2, so with my new point level 3 had opened. Then, I put said point on South / Hawk, and I take 2 FROM Tiger (because there really weren't enough purple to make upgrading North worth it.) and now Dragon, Hawk, and Snake are at 3 while Tiger has no points. (While I'm talking about Tiger, the amount of time given is definitely 6, not 10 like the instructions say.) Granted, to upgrade to 4, they all had to be equal again, but you get the point. Also, unused points need to carry over to the next round (didn't spend one by mistake, got there and it was gone T.T)

As others have said, the timers were a bit harsh on the later levels... Toning them down a bit would make the game a little less frustrating. On the first levels (like, before the 3rd element / section / thing, so twelve levels in?, I think Heaven is where they got nasty) they were fine. I was doing okay until I had to get over 30.

The players generally don't get the shuffle button... While I liked it, it was pretty overpowered. Normally, the board only shuffles when there are no more moves.

Well, that's all that comes to mind right now. The glitches killed this game big time, though.

shuurai2000 responds:

Thanks for you thorough review. The glitches are indeed super bad.

Good game, but the timer kills it.

The timer is too fast. We need more time, especially since it's hard to get the task thing (3/10, for example) to finish.

A bit too fast

Maybe there should be more time? I think the intro was a bit too fast paced too


It's a really nice game!

The whole ying and yang theme comes neat around the corner and suits the gameplay! Nice thing!


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1.93 / 5.00

May 18, 2009
7:57 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding