AJ-spenno's Maze Game

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its my very 1st game iv made, and i hope everyone who plays enjoys and comments on my game

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Okay, for any of you who don't know, this is his first game so cut him some slack and seriously - make ur own and prove your better instead of just giving criticism


You should at least try to make a better game. This looks like something you've thrown together in 5 minutes. The graphics are terrible, the levels aren't creative... Try to make a movie before trying to make a game :)

Good luck.


There have been lots of maze games lately and most of them look the same. You seem to have over rushed this and used pathetic colours.

aj-spenno responds:

dude , i made this after having flash for like 3 days, ov course its gunna be bad , im only 13 , next time actualy try and giv constructive critisim

You can do better!

I've seen too many of these lately. 15 FPS, rainbow buttons, terribly drawn words shat out of the Brush Tool, and repeating music consists of no quality at all. Just like stickmen shooting each other. I'm sorry, please do NOT make a game next time, it's a better idea to just make a movie, and it's easier. Like I said, NO STICKMEN WITH GUNS.


it takes a lot to make a game like this bad, but you could the annoying colours combined with that horrible song ( or at least got horrible after a couple of deaths ) made this game bad. sorry

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May 18, 2009
5:34 AM EDT
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