Magikarp vs Metapod

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Preloader works, but doesn't show your Percentage/Progression, so just be patient it is only a 600kb file.

With all those awesome animation finals, I thought I should post mine. Sadly, you learn more from The Tutorial Collab '06 than my animation class, but I enjoyed making this flash :D

Magikarp vs Metapod

Inspired by Splash Attack

Excluding the Pokemon Battle Theme, the other two songs were from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney/Justice for All soundtrack.



Dig (a ground type move) is not super affective against Magikarp (a water type). The message would've read "not very affective" even if the Magikarp would've been defeated in one move. As for what @bigboy5411 said, if you use an Action Replay or other such device it is possible to teach any TM/HM to any pokémon, so I'll let that slide.

So, other than that minor annoyance, job well done.

Lol well done. absolutely genius!!! i at first expected your average stupid splash and harden battle. but you threw the audience a curve ball. great job keep making videos dood!!!

never posible in pokemon games

magkarp can't leran grass type move because it can't be Tate tms

samsonloftin responds:

He totally can. You just need to have the imagination.

The Magi-Meta battle begins

First and foremost, nice use of the pokeball preloader before then delving straight into the opening credits of the episode and diving right into the action. I loved how the trainers go with Magikarp & Metapod, two of the worst pokemon in some people's opinions, and then the fact that you make them use the classically useless harden & splash, but it was nice to see the solarbeam attack in motion, I never thought I'd see a water type Pokemon using such a move, or see a level 99 Metapod use a super effective ground type dig against a water Pokemon but it was a decently carried episode, which was pulled off with a great evolution halt and Metapod kick. The animation and colours were great, and it was worth watching, a great way to spend a few minutes.

samsonloftin responds:

Much thanks and yes, my intention was to throw people off making them think it was just a stupid splash attack and harden fight then turn it on it's head and do some crazy stuff.

I didn´t expect that...

I watched your Jigglypuff and Pikachu first and actually I expected a battle of two pretty useless Pokemon who will only use one attack kinda like in that Smosh video but I was surprised to find out it that you had another punchline: "Stupid level 99.".

samsonloftin responds:

These Pokemon are well trained masters of deception. They'll make you think one thing and do something else.

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May 17, 2009
11:01 PM EDT

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