The Pretenders

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A big thank you to Tom Fulp for upgrading our upload limit from 10 MB to 20 MB. It's pretty hard to get decent quality out of videos and this really helps us a lot! Yes that's right I said video. Don't worry though it's not your average youtube crap video. It can't be too bad if the owner of the site upgraded my upload limit so I could submit it.

I won't give details away in the author comments about the movie like I usually do. As for the music we have followed every copyright law! The longer songs we used aren't licensed so they are completely legal and free to use. The licensed songs that we used were under the 10% limit that you are allowed so we are safe there too!

~ Actors ~
Nick - The Cop
Corey - The Plaid Killer
Cody - Cop's Brother

Also, thank you to fallensoul289 for putting the ads on the submission. You saved me a lot of work!

If you want to see the higher quality version of this video then you can watch it here on Break.com. (Minus any spaces in the link caused by Newgrounds) (http://www.break.com/use rcontent/2009/5/the-prete nders-723798.html).

Since the submission is over 18 MB why don't you go get something to eat or drink? The submission itself is over 6 minutes. Or you could click on the ad on the loading screen and play that game it contains that you always wanted to try, but never really had the time to do it.


A Pleasant Surprise

There were people who got miffed into thinking this is a serious production, but this is exactly how my brothers and I used to play around in the house, if we weren't playing (and endlessly analyzing) video games.

With the exception of jumping around for the advent of delicious grub (we devoured most everything and didn't care as long as it wasn't poisoned), it was dead-on in its portrayal of young kids who take on different roles. To have grown idiots perform the leads makes it funnier, although you could have had someone who knew how to play a father/elder sibling figure for the third character. That was the weakest link, and instead of poor production value, it was a sour actor.

I don't get why ads had to be placed onto the final product, but so be it.

This was actually pretty fun, and it surprised me. I almost overlooked it (mostly due to a few sour reviews before me), but I'm glad to have viewed it. Maybe if I peruse my old entries and reviews, I'll remember the other locale and view it there as well for the best effect.

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Fro responds:

Wow, thanks a lot.

I do agree about the father figure, but we had to work with what we had. So instead we used the angry brother.

As for the ads, they are put there because.. we make money from them lol. Why wouldn't you want ads put on a submission?

I'm happy that you enjoyed it and thank you for the well thought out review.

Overly elaborate

This didnt really need to be such a huge file/production. Im not sure if it was supposed to be a comedy, or if it was a real attempt at a movie that just turned out that way. It could have been better if you had kept it as a serious story throughout.

Fro responds:

It was suppose to be a comedy. And yes it had to be a huge file. That's it's size. You're punishing my score just because the file size is large?

And it was comedy all along. You can obviously tell from joke after joke even during the serious parts. If you thought this was supposed to be a serious submission in anyway then you sir are completely ignorant.

Like An Explosion of Flavor, All Over My Face!

Even though, I question why you'd submit this here instead of YouTube, SpikeValentine's "Leon and the Wolf" live-action movie changed my mind.

This movie was freaking hilarious. For the first 2 minutes, I thought this was totally serious... Until the map of the Murderer's target map anyway. :P I really liked the acting in this movie, especially how the character's attitudes are able to change on a dime. Great work man, put this shit on YouTube while you're at it. :D

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Fro responds:

Thanks a lot and we will put it on youtube in the near future. It's on break.com as of now though.

nicely done

i thought it was really well done and as for being just over 18mb i didnt find that it took that long to load.

Fro responds:

I'm happy it didn't take too long to load for you. I'm also happy that you enjoyed the submission!


That, was nice. What can I say, I'm simple minded.

Fro responds:

Lol so aren't we.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
9:54 PM EDT
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