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The Pretenders

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Author Comments

A big thank you to Tom Fulp for upgrading our upload limit from 10 MB to 20 MB. It's pretty hard to get decent quality out of videos and this really helps us a lot! Yes that's right I said video. Don't worry though it's not your average youtube crap video. It can't be too bad if the owner of the site upgraded my upload limit so I could submit it.

I won't give details away in the author comments about the movie like I usually do. As for the music we have followed every copyright law! The longer songs we used aren't licensed so they are completely legal and free to use. The licensed songs that we used were under the 10% limit that you are allowed so we are safe there too!

~ Actors ~
Nick - The Cop
Corey - The Plaid Killer
Cody - Cop's Brother

Also, thank you to fallensoul289 for putting the ads on the submission. You saved me a lot of work!

If you want to see the higher quality version of this video then you can watch it here on Break.com. (Minus any spaces in the link caused by Newgrounds) (http://www.break.com/use rcontent/2009/5/the-prete nders-723798.html).

Since the submission is over 18 MB why don't you go get something to eat or drink? The submission itself is over 6 minutes. Or you could click on the ad on the loading screen and play that game it contains that you always wanted to try, but never really had the time to do it.


not bad

This was a pretty decent film overall. i laughed during the gun fight scene and the pissed off big brother scene. and the file size wasnt an issue for me personally. But to tell u the truth, i just dont think this was meant to be submitted here. am pretty sure most of the people on this site (including myself) view newgrounds as a flash animation/any other animation site. i just dont think that a film with ALL live action shots fits in well on this site. i think your better off just submitting this kind of film on break.com. But am not going to knock you points for that. I still thought it was funny, not the most original plot, but it works, and i thought the actors were good too. And the quality wasnt the best, but not too bad. And i believe u Accomplished wat u set out to do, which was to be comedy (for the ppl who thought this was suppose to be a serious film, your morons). anyways, not bad, hopefully u wont take ill-will to my opinion. peace man.

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Fro responds:

It was already submitted on break.com before this website.

Good review though. Thanks a lot!


I dont want to hate, i just dint enjoy. I think you need to harness the power of the various skills you have and make something great. You have talent, you need to use it to break boundaries, not create another hum drum project

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Fro responds:

We make better projects. You do realize that would make a file so big that we couldn't submit it here. That's why we don't submit the good projects here. Thanks for the review that doesn't review my submission whatsoever.

Dear Newgrounds: I wonder..

.. what the file size would have been if the quality of the video had been decent. This was extremely painful to watch.
The jokes were extremely lame, to the point where they became annoying.
The story was not very good, and the dialouge was un believable.
The narration could have used another voice actor, because the lisp was making me wish for the end.
The acting was reminiscent of a 3rd grade play. How long did they take to make this. I would guess 1 week. This is the real life version of Home Movies. Sad and only fit for family.
I don't know why they chose to upload a non flash video here. This wasn't very entertaining and certainly not worth the wait. I think they did it solely for the ad revenue and not for the newgrounds community. This is not fun to watch and I certainly can't play it.
To the authors:
Please refrain from anymore of these types of things here and stick to uploading them to Break.com, whatever that is.
You could have used better, more fluid jokes since you fail at slapstick. Better lighting techniques, since your entire "video" was grainy and dark. The narration should be done by someone who has a clear distint voice and not a lisp which makes understanding hard. As for the story, it is unoriginal and has been done better many times before.
Audio: not very good. use a different voice actor and choose your music with more thought.
Animation: I dont quite understand why this is here. It is spam in my book.
Humor: quite prepubescent and not there. Practice practice practice and study people who are known to be funny and see how they make it work.
Script: lame and not well thought out. You could possibly take more time to make sure it makes sense and flows. Movies are not chat rooms. Unless it is a movie about chat rooms.
Music: If this was supposed to be a dram, then why the tinkling strawberry sortcake music? The music dd not fit, well, nothing did really.
If this was a project for school, then I am sure it would only be receiving a grade of no more than 80%.
You have the things needed to make a decent film, now you just have to learn how to use them properly.

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Fro responds:

Whenever I read your review more and more you can obviously tell it's a fake review just to lower my score because of your personal opinion on me.

Such as why would it be a school project when I'm in my 20's?

Why doesn't it make sense? If you really can't make sense of this then you are no older than 5 years old.

The voice actor has no lisp.

It's dark because it's night time. You're brilliant. Flash makes videos grainy. That's common sense.

Why not upload a non flash to a website where Numa Numa was first submitted?

Obviously the acting would be of a third grade play since the movie was about kids pretending. Or did you miss that whole thing?

Ad revenue? LMAO LMAO the whopping 5 cents this will bring in.

The thing that upsets you the most is this doesn't make me mad or upset. You can 0 this every day if you want. You can make alternate accounts and review 0 on it all that you want. It's not real life, which is something you don't seem to understand. So while you still get upset about something over the internet I'm out having fun making movies and entertaining what seems to be a fan base (outside and inside of newgrounds) of well over 100 people now. As of the 20 or so people that have favorited this movie so far they obviously disagree with you.

Anyway, love your lameness.

*Marks as helpful*


I have to say this is your best movie yet, I liked how you guys created an ambient of suspense and hilarity. I started to laugh when the message of "A pointless production creation" appeared and I fell off of my chair when the killer and the cop starting to shoot around the house. This movie made my day.
Conclusion: Excellent work, guys. Well done.

Voting power: 7.52
Voter number: 228
Voted 5: 3.82 / 5.00 (+ 0.023)

Note: You guys, win this time <3


Fro responds:

Thank you and I'm happy you enjoyed it. :)


What can I say? that was awesome. So simple, yet so entertaining. To put it short, it was good. Now, to put it long.

Plot: I like how the story starts off as a serious crime drama and ends with a romantic comedy sort-of vibe to it. You guys short know how to make a transition seem natural. Managing to make me interested in something that isn't flash on here is very hard to do, gentleman.

Audio: I don't know if this was because my air-conditioning was on, but I could barely understand what you guys were saying. Not to mention the music that was being played over didn't help much. If you could get better mikes or edit your sound next time, that would be awesome.

Humor: The humor in this was pretty funny, actually; not early SNL funny, but still funny nonetheless. My favorite part was when the Cop and the Killer were dancing around, fantasizing about pizza rolls was top-notch.

Video: At some points in the video, it seemed delayed for a few seconds and the lighting was not very good. Next time, you should probably film during the day, as to let the viewer see better at what's going on.

If you're planning to do a sequel or something, that'd be great.


Fro responds:

We tend to make movies at night for some reason so yeah the lighting is poor. This is all done on a video camera that is suppose to take picture anyway. :P

The sound is bad because it's a movie put into flash. That always happens. That we the small camera just doesn't pick up noise that well. That's why we have to overdub a lot of our stuff.

Thanks for the great review!

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
9:54 PM EDT
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