Tic Tac Torture

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-The Game

Tic Tac Torture is a rude and insulting Tic Tac Toe 1 player game. When I finished animating every possibility and move, I realized how much work really goes into designing such a simple game. My hat tips to you action script folks! So I used Computer Sam's voice and recorded him saying rude remarks whether you win or loose. I figure, if I went to so much trouble doing all this, I might as well make 30 interesting responses to listen to after each completed match.

-A Little History

My name is Frank Stringini, I am an animator. My biggest gaming influences are Don Bluth, Treasure, and Humongous Entertainment.
I have been playing with animation since the 1980's back when it was done in DOS, on a 386 PC, No Layers, and 1 undo. I have always been interested in games and fancy myself more of a game designer, but have focused my craft on the art side. I use flash to prototype my game ideas like an animatic, I playfully call it a "Protomatic."

-Action Script notes

StringAnime is a special brand of flash game design that uses animation to drive the strings of code.
I animate literally every possibility for in game action, and use a simple (goto) action-script to jump around the movie, much like Don Bluth's Arcade classic Dragon's lair. Typically, in a game, strings of code are used to display images with smooth transitions, this is quite the opposite with StringAnime. This produces a more animated feel to games while sacrificing smooth transitioning gameplay. The term StringAnime was created and named after the inventor Frank Stringini.

please visit WWW.stringAnime.com/games .swf for more.

If you are an Action Script person with ambition, let's make something cool.
send me a private message and maybe we can work together.

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I like the game, but I can't ever win against him. : (

I beat him all the time x)

That was....

really hard! But it was fun too, the speed thing had me raging a bit... the 'learning curve' (if on exists in this game) was a lot like a vertical line. Overall, I really, really like it!

we won :D

me and my brothers GF won the game in the right up corner middle right line and middle need to some how put computer circles there

this is shit

good job it pised me of good the name is true

Credits & Info

2.29 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
5:07 PM EDT
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