Dead Spyke 3

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This is my 3 part of Dead Spyke , Dead Spyke 1 was my first animation , 2 is in Newgrounds if you want to watch just visit my account or site. I fixed my mistakes. Like zoom in screen, put some Sound FX and make arms swim when he walking, I'm not professional animator of Flash but Enjoy. At least I can do.

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Awesome take on stick death

...you have made a fresh new look on stick death and thats exactly what the genre needs,..wtg man.

Shaft it on the middle one.

Hello there. Dead Spyke 3 is your third instalment? I only see another one {Dead Spyke 2} in your submissions box.

Anyway the flash shows the story of a stickman, driving a car, who falls into a pit. He climbs out, but must now choose how to cross over the large gap now filled with spikes. The player is given various choices from a jetpack to dark magic. It wasn't particularly long, but it felt fresh all the way through.

It was fresh because there were lots of ways to get across. It added length and depth. However it could still have more ideas - could be nearly endless. He could use teleportation, gadgets, assistance from passers by or even a hot air balloon. The more ideas you have the more interesting it is.

Graphically it was very mediocre. You can definitely draw environments realistically but since as the environment is static it isn't exceptional, but I don't like the car, it looks poorly drawn and out of place.

What is the real worry though is the stickman. You will never really exceed at anything graphically if you use a stickman, especially an incomplete one. It shakes and shimmers as it moves and it is ugly. Although it is constantly animated the result is lousy.

But I do like some of your details. The rocket explosion was a highlight and the gun was drawn well. The opening menu to select graphics quality was also cool, simple and beautifully implemented.

The backing sound was picture perfect. It is a lovely track that suits your environment fully. I can actually picture myself standing as that stickman in 3d reality. There are also a few sound effects {eg cannon firing} but they are a little quiet. However as I was preparing this review the music stopped so you need to put it on loop. Also consider adding a mute button.

Overall it isn't very long, but I can understand why people would want to play it again. There are enough options to forget what happened so people might play it again to remember. There isn't any real target audience for this; it satisfies curiosity {what would this do etc}.

However, there is huge room for improvement. You must redesign the stickman so he looks more presentable; it really ruins this flash. Add more options too - enough to make people come back to it. Good luck making a forth, the concept isn't old, but it has been tried and tested and is always interesting.


* * * * * { 5 - 10 } "Reasonable"

xtended12 responds:

Mistakes I done are stupid for me and big for reviews ;).. About Next time I thinking... A done a 3 parts , and ended with selfish death... I now my art are like 7 years old child , and stick are beginner I try next my movie do more design for sticks, but always be sticks I don't know why but I loved since I was kid...
About Sound FX I couldn't find better quality sound on Flash Kit. The site SoundSnap have a good quality of Sound FX but now you have to pay , even registered users can download 5 sounds!!!! That's stupid...
So, anyways Thanks for HUGE review!!!!


he died no matter what


I only got two things to say...
1.You rock dude!
2.Keep up da' good work

xtended12 responds:



Started off looking like I would hate it and I was pleasantly surprised by the crash and interactive part. Good music to. There's a long way to go from there, but it's a good direction!

xtended12 responds:

Thanks!!!! I really sorry for art xD mikes me lough!!!!
Next time I try to do better art!!!

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3.78 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
9:20 AM EDT
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