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Had to create a game for an assignment in college, and well, this is it. I already know the faults, but it needs critiquing all properly and that. I dislike actionscript, I'm never creating a game ever again. but anyway it's a catch and avoid game; you're a cat and you have to catch the good full cream milk and avoid the nasty grey carton milk which i'm now labling soya milk! crap idea i know, but i never said i wanted to be a games designer.


It's a pity.

The music was great, it really worked well with the game.

There was no real challenge, though. Giving the cat nine 'lives' and making the 'bad' milk take away one of them would give it more of a challenge. There could also be a gradual increase in speed, or 'levels', or something. It'd be nice if you could jump

The art/animation isn't bad, but could be improved. The cat's walking, for example, could have been made smoother. There could also be some animation for when it turns, instead of it just flicking around instantly. Also, the tail was completely still which made it look kind of stiff. An animation when the cat caught milk would be good too. The background was quite simple and a little boring, but I liked the overall feel.

It's a pity you're 'never creating a game ever again', because you have the potential to make a really great one, in my opinion.


It wasn't that good, but I guess it passes off as a game. When people start out with flash, and know nothing about it, you get frustrated. That's when many people quit. If (not just the author of this game, anyone) you stick with it, you will get better. By the way, what class is it that you have to (for me it would be 'get to') make a game in flash?

dyingstar responds:

I'm currently doing a course in Interactive Media and at the moment for this term i have assignments in Flash for Computer Games, 2D Animation, Sound (that coincides with 2D Animation assignment) and Web Authoring. The course pretty much covers or is suppose to cover all interacive media stuff. So I'm just getting a taste of what i really want to do; as you can probably tell by this, games is not that. I am rather impatient and get frustrated really easily actionscript is just bleargh to me. But thank you for the review much appriciated.


What's the music?
It worked so well with the game. Made me feel very lonely >.<
Would have preferred there to be slightly more good milk though!

dyingstar responds:

I made the music with these "loops" that the college have with Adobe Audtion; I just editted them a little. Sorry to make you feel lonely D: i was trying to go with a tim burton-y type creepy thing seeing that's all my tutor kept going on about everytime he seen me trying to make this work -.-
oh and the milk is completely random, so sometimes there's more good than bad and vice versa. :)


It's nice and relaxing but needs more.

A decent start

Game doesn't seem to have any advancement of difficulty. No levels or increasing speed. Its a decent start, but needs more.

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2.00 / 5.00

May 17, 2009
7:23 AM EDT
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