Poozy's Wheel of Ban!

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Step Right Up, Spin the wheel of Poozy's Ban Reasons!

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Fun little novelty. It's too bad that Poozy doesn't ban people like he used to...


I have to say, that was a funny little game. It would have been cool to hear Poozy's "Your Banned" track whenever you land on a ban (Which is pretty much all the time). Like another said, It would have been nice to see an example of a ban once you land on one. Other then that, it's pretty funny, you get an 8.
Good luck with future animations


I am Uber-Slick

First Roll - Destroy Self Esteem then Ban, won't happen I'm too happy to listen to someone on the internet, plus I think Poozy is pretty funny (He got me with the FishSticks Flash)

Second Roll - Not Banned. Why thanks...

All-in-All, it's ok, what would have been good is Poozy's "You're Banned" Audio Portal recording where he laughs at your ban...

I never had the pleasure of being banned by Poozy

as it was always one of the other mods who nailed me. But yeah, I suppose, based on some of the locked threads I've seen, that it must be harsh.
The concept of this is funny. My biggest suggestion would be to have the wheel stop and then you get to see an example of one of his bans. That's what I was expecting, in fact, and I'm sort of sorry it wasn't there. But the wheel animation works well.

Not banned.

Now this has some humor. I had a little laugh at some of the Bans here, although I nearly took it personal with the "Ban you then **** your mother" one. Seriously, not many people like having their mothers insulted in such a way. Then again, this does say "Mature for Explicit Text", so there is at least some warning for stray people.

Nice overral, simple and nice. Another one would be great, although tone down on the insults, ok? Don't mess with moms...

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May 16, 2009
10:41 PM EDT
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