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Voice record test

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A test i made soon after finding out how to do a voice recording. this is my first try at lip synching so go easy on me. also, theres a hidden message. If u wanna try and find it be my guest. its kinda obvious tho.

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that is mean. anyways, nice test, just work on lip syncing and animation syncing. It was really close.


That was pretty awesome, and pretty smooth animation and okay sound quality for a just a Sound Test. :)

wolfdawg125 responds:

thanx a lot for commenting. always appreciated. btw, obviously when i try harder at this, it'll be better so i cant wait for the reviews i get for what i make on that day. : )

Animation was smooth..

Artwork wasn't the best but like I said animation was alright. Didn't make much sense to me story-wise but I guess you can make whatever you want on here. lol I also thought that the plate and the spoon and fork that spelled lol was funny. And it's also nice to know that even if people are insulting you, you won't retaliate. That makes you honorable in my book.

wolfdawg125 responds:

thanks man. also THAT WAS THE FEAKIN MESSAGE U WIN A....virtual high-5! (high fives you) there, now don't you feel better about urself?

I like your tank!

Not bad for a first try at lip-syncing, but whenever Red guy was speaking, his mouth was open. Add in a few more keyframes, and you've got it down! Also, try not to speak sooooo slowly next time... it was a bit annoying.

Keep making movies!

wolfdawg125 responds:

well as i said it was my first attempt at it so i wasn't expecting the best of feed back, but thanx for the comment on the tank and the movie and as long as there are ppl out there who enjoy the stuff i make, ill keep making it!


For what it was, I liked it. I know u only meant to make this animated because you wanted to show off your little sound file.

I smiled at this, even the animated stuff.

thumbs up.

wolfdawg125 responds:

thanx alot for the comment. yes while i know it was short i gave it my best so im proud of what i made.