Blob Adventures Ep.2

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Blob Adventures Ep.2

Chris nathan and dante play nathans dads old nintendo and find a questionable game cartridge to play. Before they get a chance to play very long some of the game charecters are beamed out of the television, and into the real world. Not very long afterwards the blobs are told of space potatoes landing on the earth. It's up to the game charecters to save the world from the attack of the space potatoes.


Before you comment on the video realize that Joey and i did not spend very long making this and it is only our second episode. We hope you enjoy it and continue to watch the blob adventures.

Animation - Douglas
Sprites and Code - TheManolantern (Joey Glaser)


So Much Fun

Yoh Doug, I posted it for you :)

I think we did pretty good considering we only spent like and hour a day for a week working on it :)

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Douglas99 responds:

yeah man and positive comments aswel!


This movie is really cool! The art was cool and the animating was good too it's funny and I particuarly (can't spell) enjoyed the part when they put in the cursed cartridge of Final Fantasy that made me lol!

It certainly looks like you spent quite a while on it, it is certainly better than what I could do... Unless I put my full mind to it... Which I would do... Anyway back to the movie, overall I thought it was really good and I hope you continue the blob adventures.


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Douglas99 responds:

actually iiii spent two days lol


Strange . . . but hey, it was cool.

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I'm kinda sad you replaced me, so I took away a star.
But, it improved, I guess.

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Great job, guys, great job indeed.

I have a feeling one of these episodes will get an award sooner or later.

Maybe even all of them will!

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3.29 / 5.00

May 16, 2009
3:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Original