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Super Smash Battle

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May 16, 2009 | 2:38 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Please recomend to Super Smash Bros Collection!

THANKS for the flashs new name Demonichunter!(I owe you one)

I've gotten a few PM's about the commedy i want you to know that its not supposed to be "ROFL ROFL ROFL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!" funny. its supposed to just lighten the mood abit. to show the flash isnt too serious( the flash. NOT me workin on the flash)

Please vote on this! and leave a comment! its been about the same vote wise for weeks! so plz leave feedback and votes!

THERE IS MORE THEN THE WHITE PART AS THE BACKGROUND FOR THE 1st SCENE, PLEASE WATCH PAST THE 1ST 2MINS. and Theres a bit of an overlap for some of the songs!


Ok so first off I want to thank smitty0123, Demonichunter, davidcrew, Halogod35, HeavyTank, and JollySpace for giving me some advice on this flash!

I just wanna say that i made this flash slow so that people wont say i coppied alvin- i sped it up tho so it should be better.

I also want to thank Alvin-Earthworm who, inspired me to make a flash (after I started watching SMBZ a few years ago I finally decided to make a flash.) Its a real short-ish flash. I tried to stay away from the whole SMBZ fighting style because I know there would be no Comparison (especially because it's my 1st flash!). I also want to thank e104joker who gave me the idea(sorta) for this flash!

I wanted to put more fighting in truthfully but I only have the trial version of Adobe so I didn't have enough time to experiment. Some of the scenes WILL be a bit slow (12FPS for the whole movie). Even though my trial is up I'm going to have my bro download adobe on his comp so I can use it there to make ep2 (if people like ep1).

This flash isn't a die hard fight movie (I tried to make it funny too). There is some sound too, there are also some voice effects, but I don't have a lot, there will be times when there's no sound at all and others when for two or 3 minutes there will be non-stop music. If you know any sites with SFX you think I might need PLEASE send it to me!!

I know what I'm going to do with episode 2, I'm going to tell group ones "story" (Bowser, Zelda, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Meta-knight) it may take awhile (because I still need to write the story and find ALL the right sprites- Have any web links? Please send them!) but if episode 1 doesn't get blammed I'll make episode 2. (Anybody have any ideas for any other characters? I need about 24 more characters (and I don't want to put all brawl characters in) so if you have a favorite Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, etc character ill try and put them in if you tell me!

One more thing I need to pick a better name then S(amus)M(ario)S(hadow)L(u igi)L(ink)K(irby) so if you like the flash please send me a message giving me an idea for names( I am HORRIBLE at naming things!!)

Special thanks to YOU FOR WATCHING (unless you gave it a 0 or 1- Hah, kidding), You (if you liked it) Alvin-Earthworm, Sonicmcbob, My Bro, Friends (especially Chase), YouTube, Newgrounds, Wikipedia, Google, other sites I got stuff from, People who gave me feedback before I put it on newgrounds, anyone who helps me with names, NINTENDO, SEGA,

Spriters-resource (and people who ripped the stuff including, Ryan914, AzRaezel/Dan, , Kenji The Echidna, Omegakyogre,,, two thanks to Gary Kertopermono, two thanks to, two thanks to, three thanks to A.J. Nitro, and others on the site who didn't put there names on the sprites I used!)

and others I will soon put on if I forgot them.

All Characters are copywrited by Nintendo and Sega.

Thanks again for watching!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Gay and Retarded my mom could have done better...


Rated 2 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Where is Part 2?

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Corrupted01 responds:

Oh sorry its nowhere near done, but im working on it! i want to really take my time on it and make it good. anyway from the 10/10 im guessing you liked it, so thank you very much! Thanks for the feedback!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Nice

Especially for your first time, it looks like you have really been practicing and working on Flash to make good quality movies. Loved the humor and the nintendo references such as Link, Mario, Luigi, Samus and Kirby. Sprite animations are always fun to watch and the audio was very good. Definitely keep up the work. And like the comment before me, I believe you should look more into editing bitmap images (i know they aren't easy) and motion guiding and such. Also might want to look into some simple actionscripting, that way you can make buttons to control replaying the flash video. I'd have trouble showing a friend this since i can't click play, it just plays after it's done loading.

Keep up the good flash work bud! :D

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Corrupted01 responds:

YAY first 10! Thanks for the feedback, and im glad you liked this! But yes your right i should have worked a bit longer on this, i just ran out of time. Thanks a gain for feedback and such! (I REALLY Appreciate it!) Btw the reason it doesnt have that whole play movie thing that NG gives you as a pre loader is that-ah well no excuses, Thanks for feedback!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I can tell you at least tried

well, this is another flash consisting of sprites, which I'm not particularly fond of, but its definitely good for something to work with on a beginning project. One huge problem that I see in this, is the use of sprites taken from what appears to be Google image, and placed on a flash project. now as much as one would need help on their fist project, this is deriving from the integrity of the flash. Honestly man, you didn't even bother to remove the background from the Images you used. one more thing I can see is the shoddy animation. I can only assume you will improve over time, but for now I would suggest using higher frame counts, and less time between frames for more fluid animation.

But I digress, you didn't do too badly on this, and I can see its quite obvious you did quite a bit on trying to build a story of sorts, so you get some points towards you for that. and the jokes you put in were a treat, so overall, this is quite a nice beginners flash, and over time your technique should develop, and I hope to see some of your future work!

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Corrupted01 responds:

Thanks for your feedback! And im not gunna lie, when i made this i was pretty noobish at flash stuff(still am i think :).) I wont use it as an excuse as to why the animation was shotty, but 1. i only had about 30 days to work on this, and 2. i dont know how to change fps...:(. ( But Like i said, i wont use that as an excuse.) Truthfully I wasnt going to even put this on NG. Since it was my first(i got the 30 day trial period of Adobe, and before i knew it i got this.) I know i def should have done some major editing too but i kinda ran out of time. The reason i put it on NG was so i could get some feedback from people. And ive gotten some thats very helpful at that. anyway im glad you didnt find i did too bad on this, and that you found some of the jokes abit humorous. and if i ever make a part 2 im gunna use the school computers(they have macromedia :). and its not a trial version :).) thanks for the feedback! Oh i didnt google image the sprites. i used spriteresources, and Paint...i tried to get as little white as possible, but now i understand you gutta do some MAJOR zooming( Cant belive i didnt figure that out, Can you sa NOOB!? Lol) anyway the feedback you gave me will definately help me out, Thanks!