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I made this game a while back for some company that flopped and now I can share it will all of you! It's a basic ship lander game. Navigate the ship using you direction pad and try and safely land on the pads to complete the levels. HAVE FUN!


It was okay

It was a bit too easy, but I liked the physics and the art. Good work.

i thought ot had something to do with zoolander

but it was still pretty fun.
pros: good physics, had me interested till i beat it, nice art.
cons: no sound, really easy, no consequence for landing hard (only if you land really hard.

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Good start...

It was a good start...
Maybe some upgraded effects for the visual interested critics...
It really needed music and sound effects so that it gives a great feeling...
Maybe something like items to collect...
They always help a lot in games...
Switches maybe?...
To open blocked paths...
Ignore all this...
Good one...
Just add music and it will be enough...

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Land as hard...

... as you want.

I was being careful at first.
Then I started testing the ship.
You can land that thin pretty hard without dying!

Other comments below should be noted too.

Good start. Try again with some changes.

o No border
o Add sound
o Soft landings only


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Good work...I like to see damage when landing too fast and hard...Anyway, you have done great

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3.14 / 5.00

May 16, 2009
2:13 PM EDT
Skill - Other