O3 - Odd One Out

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Work out the Odd Ones Out to progress and complete the game!

Click on the Odd One Out to progress.



It could be better

If you could put why the answer is what it is after you complete a question, or even at the end of the game, I think it'd make alot of people happy. I played through the whole thing hoping it would tell me why z was odd and not a,b, or x. Also adding a checkpoint system in so you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning would be nice. It was fun when they made since though.

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skinnyeddy responds:

Ok, Z is odd because it isn't a button on the Xbox controller.
I'll add the answers after the questions in the next one. I might do checkpoints as well.

Thanks for your review.

It doesn't tell me...

... if my answers are right or wrong or why.

No score?

Then it loops into the same ignorance.


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skinnyeddy responds:

If you've chosen the right answer, you'll be given another Odd One Out to work out.
I'll add a score to the next version and probably some multiple choice ones as well.


This was good but nothing New so next time you make a flash try using sound, Plus some of the parts in the game i couldnt get like " pick the odd one out, Grey red, pink, Blue. Thats a bit odd if you ask me but next time you make a Flash try to use more animations to make you next Flash better

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skinnyeddy responds:

Red is the only colour with 3 letters :)
I'll try and put some sound in my next flash.

not bad

Didn't understand all of the reasons that some were odd, but interesting overall. Could have used some music I think.

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2.42 / 5.00

May 16, 2009
12:53 PM EDT
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