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*Edit* Awesome! Treasure hunt!

A bunch of unfinished projects from the northern trio.

The following motion picture contains very exaggerated and 'random' clips that may evoke rage and emotional instability if your graphical satisfaction is depending on a solid storyline and a promising plot.

Enjoy the movie otherwise.

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Area 45



This flash as a whole was insane with all the randomness,the animation was great & wacky also i got a lot of laughs throughout this flash which was great plus there was some really good voice acting in some parts too so overall this was just a bunch of wacky animation skits that was very entertaining to watch and i think you did a great job making this flash.

SimonG responds:

:D Thanks! Glad you liked it!

U know what...I love this!

I love the concept of the fast pacing shorts.
Similar to Robot Chicken, only for flash.
It's stylish and extremely free-flowing.
I enjoy this very much!
I would love to see more!

SimonG responds:

:D:D Thanks!

A nice compilation.

All three of you guys did a swell job on this collab, it was interesting to see how your parts differed from each other. I was somewhat disappointed that the collab was simply unfinished business, mainly because many of these projects looked interesting. I liked the short clips like the man running into the sign because they were direct and to the point. I was impressed all of your abilities to animate, everyone of the scenes looked like there was a large amount of effort put into it.

Some of the scenes seemed out of place, like the man simply bobbing his head, and it did not really work as a transition in this collab. Can you please tell me the name of the song you used in the paperplane? I know I recognize it from somewhere but I cannot put my finger on it. Overall, it was a nice collab and was fun to see how you three put your minds together to create something cool. Keep up the great work!

SimonG responds:

The song: Green Onions by Booker T and the M Gees!

Alot of Fun to watch

Also... Total Annihilation music

SimonG responds: