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Pokemon Master ep11

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EDIT - thx for daily 4th

Don't watch if you never played the pokemon games - Also check out the other parts

Our Pokemon Master tries for the Cascade badge. Enjoy - please be constructive.

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The end really got me! Kudos for the Punch Out music! lol

For anyone who doesn't know the music at the end (ie children)

Its the training music from Punch Out on NES. The boxer Lil Mac jogs to keep up with his trainer, the black guy, on a bike. Some guys at YTMND thought it would be funny to put "n***a stole my bike" voice over that scene so it looks like Mac is trying to catch a thief.

Scyther used Swords Dance.


When Is Part 12 Coming?

And If U Ever make a part 14 Can u put Jhoto Region Guy In It?