The HTF Quiz 3

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EDIT: Patch notes
V1.0.1 Patch. Got rid of irritating loading sound
V1.0.2 Patch. Fixed bug where Q88 didn't have fusestopper
V1.0.3 Patch Fixed bug which allowed you to skip all the questions from 88 onwards

WARNING!!! This file is a BIG one. Grab a cup of coffee whilst you wait, or tea if you're feeling more British then usual.

Woah, it's finally out after 347 days of development, a third impossible quiz style game, shamelessly ripped off... I mean inspired by Splapp-Me-Do

And if you thought the 1st and 2nd one's were hard, you ain't seen nothing yet

I changed a lot of the structure to fit in with the originals, like having the credits at the START!!! for instance.

It also includes proper skips, not buggy one that let you cheat.

Thanks to mooglemage for bug checking, and him, Matty, Dotario, Veri, Tim, Moozipan, Al, and Nick for questions. Also thanks to players of the first two for their support and patience. I know it's not February, but it's close, especially if you run on Valve time.

Enough blabbing, enjoy the quiz.


3.5/5 for a good job

Hmm 3/5

Not bad

I threw ya a 4/5. The quiz is decent, but some of the questions you need to make atleast a little tiny bit more "common sense" type of things. Like the Konami one. I still ain't figured out what the hell that one's supposed to be. Other then that well made.

UnrealCanine responds:

The Konami Code


Savagely hard, fought my way through for about half an hour before breaking down XD
What's the song during the opening credits?
(+ Enter the Machine? FUCK YEAHH!)

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UnrealCanine responds:

Price of Gasoline, by Bloc Party

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3.48 / 5.00

May 15, 2009
6:46 PM EDT
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