Medieval Rampage

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First Kill 5 Points

Kill First Enemy

Tenth Kill 10 Points

Kill Tenth Enemy

First Boss 25 Points

Kill First Boss

Fourth Boss 25 Points

Kill Fourth Boss

Second Boss 25 Points

Kill Second Boss

Third Boss 25 Points

Kill Third Boss

75 Achievements 50 Points

Collect 75 Achievements

Fifth Boss 50 Points

Kill Fifth Boss

100 Achievements 100 Points

Collect 100 Achievements

Author Comments


*Note to everyone*
I'm currently planning out the new enemy abilities for the sequel, if any of you have any good ideas please either post them here in the comments or give me a pm.

Medieval Rampage: The Forsaken Pass

Thanks for the Daily First and the Front Page :)

Battle your way through 25 waves of non-stop combat to avenge your village. Select from a variety of weapons to kill over 10 unique enemies and the Five Savage Beasts.

Note: If you encounter lag please try the following -

Right click on the game screen and switch storage settings to unlimited.
Go to the options button on the main menu and switch quality to low.
Close out of other unused applications on your computer.


If you're experiencing a bug where your character stops moving, or won't stop moving please post your flash/browser/computer specs in the comments so I can fix this bug ASAP

Arrow Keys or WASD keys to move
Use your mouse to aim and shoot
"P" or Space to pause
"M" to mute

Created By: Christopher Gregorio / Xdragonx10
Sponsored By: Armorgames.com (check out their site)
Art By: Aaron Perez

This game is open for distribution, feel free to add it to your site.


I'm reading all the reviews I get here, all suggestions are being noted. This version probably won't be updated too often except to fix major bugs/issues, but everything will be taken into account for the sequel (Yes, there will be one. It's already in the works).

Patch V.0.0.1 (You will not see the effects yet as NG requires they review all updates)
Bug Fix - Enemies stop coming before a wave ends
Bug Fix - No Spawn limit on last boss


Hey, everyone there is currently a bug where it appears you have achieved "Purchase all bows" when you really have not, anyone who thinks they have completed all the achievements should try to get this one. (I'm looking into a fix now). Even after this is correct fully achieved some people are having trouble being given the final medal, I'm also looking into this. Thank you for your patience, I will get these issues solved asap.


"100 achievements" medal

Awesome game. Good music and sound effects. Nice collections of enemy. Their skill sets really add to the action. Only thing that bothered me a bit was that when killing the bosses for x-th time the time it takes to take him down is a bit long (especially if not well-equiped). Maybe the character could "learn" to defeat the bosses faster. Each run took me more than an hour and the boss fights tend to be a bit monotonous since most of the time there is only the boss himself.
Still this is a superb game, well done.

I finally got the "100 achievements" medal. I didn't get it directly after getting all the achievements. First I thought this may be connected to the game being open for over an hour. I reloaded the tab, browsed through the achievements, read your comment about a problem with this particular medal and restarted the campaign. I got the medal after shooting the first enemy.

Now for the sequel... (:

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Needs balance.

A save feature is definately needed. Also, there the next button on p.2 of the instructions doesn't work. Last, more health in the potions, or less inflation. It was hard saving up for bows because I was blowing money on bits of health. Perhaps having an occasional health drop would be helpful.

You may want to consider adding the option to earn more continues. I would also recommend expanding the abilities afforded by the arrows. Ice slows down enemies, fire torches them, etc.

Everything else was great. I rampaged and loved every second of it. Night mode made for a nice break in the routine. A lot of time and thought went into your bestiary as well. Nice job. Looking forward to the sequel.

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5th boss.

Musta tooken me a hour,
Ran out of electro arrows,
And then is where i got messed up.

Good, but...

It needs a save game feature. If I play for eight hours straight (which I have) and not gotten all of the achievments, I will want to quit and come back later. But, low and behold, I can not continue and have to restart the entire game! So yes, a save feature would be a nice addition.

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Very nice

Fantastic gameplay, awesome level-up system, nice graphics, some bugs in game\menu and too hard to have 100 achievements.

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

May 15, 2009
5:35 PM EDT
Action - Other