Medieval Rampage

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First Kill 5 Points

Kill First Enemy

Tenth Kill 10 Points

Kill Tenth Enemy

First Boss 25 Points

Kill First Boss

Fourth Boss 25 Points

Kill Fourth Boss

Second Boss 25 Points

Kill Second Boss

Third Boss 25 Points

Kill Third Boss

75 Achievements 50 Points

Collect 75 Achievements

Fifth Boss 50 Points

Kill Fifth Boss

100 Achievements 100 Points

Collect 100 Achievements

Author Comments


*Note to everyone*
I'm currently planning out the new enemy abilities for the sequel, if any of you have any good ideas please either post them here in the comments or give me a pm.

Medieval Rampage: The Forsaken Pass

Thanks for the Daily First and the Front Page :)

Battle your way through 25 waves of non-stop combat to avenge your village. Select from a variety of weapons to kill over 10 unique enemies and the Five Savage Beasts.

Note: If you encounter lag please try the following -

Right click on the game screen and switch storage settings to unlimited.
Go to the options button on the main menu and switch quality to low.
Close out of other unused applications on your computer.


If you're experiencing a bug where your character stops moving, or won't stop moving please post your flash/browser/computer specs in the comments so I can fix this bug ASAP

Arrow Keys or WASD keys to move
Use your mouse to aim and shoot
"P" or Space to pause
"M" to mute

Created By: Christopher Gregorio / Xdragonx10
Sponsored By: Armorgames.com (check out their site)
Art By: Aaron Perez

This game is open for distribution, feel free to add it to your site.


I'm reading all the reviews I get here, all suggestions are being noted. This version probably won't be updated too often except to fix major bugs/issues, but everything will be taken into account for the sequel (Yes, there will be one. It's already in the works).

Patch V.0.0.1 (You will not see the effects yet as NG requires they review all updates)
Bug Fix - Enemies stop coming before a wave ends
Bug Fix - No Spawn limit on last boss


Hey, everyone there is currently a bug where it appears you have achieved "Purchase all bows" when you really have not, anyone who thinks they have completed all the achievements should try to get this one. (I'm looking into a fix now). Even after this is correct fully achieved some people are having trouble being given the final medal, I'm also looking into this. Thank you for your patience, I will get these issues solved asap.



This game is very good in most aspects but their is some glitches, you can be running at one moment then sometimes you will just stop. I like most of the game I didn't find the collecting pebles/money very fun and the leveling up it could be improved. Playing the is fun if you don't pay any attention to the glitches and just think about the new bow your gonna get next round it can be fun, the game is still preaty good i would normally give as high as nine but I know you can improve this game alot.

xdragonx10 responds:

You have what I'm not calling the rare bug, it only happens on a few computers and I don't have enough info to fix it. Would you mind telling me the glitches? Thanks


Erm amazing game tbh

one question are you not sapost to be able to switch arrows in surbival :L ?

game was amazing =]

erm for the sequal you should add mabie an uber power like you press space bar and loads of arrows come down onto the battlefield as it did get a bit over crowded somtimes

over all awesome game man cant wait till the sequal =]

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank you

1. you can, just click them at the bottom of the screen

Thank you

2. don't really see how that would work

Thank you again :)


I really like the game but it could use a lot more variety, since it quickly becomes repetetive, especially at the bosses.

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xdragonx10 responds:

Got plans for the sequel, no worries

This is LEGIT

This game is GOOD. I mean really good, compared to alot of the games that i usually play. Most of the time I play on Kongregate, and sometimes even Armor games. But I know now that newgrounds kicks most of these websites Arses. But there are some things that could use some improvement.

1. When enemies (melee only) attack when you are close up, and you move away, you still get hit.

2. When you are buying bows, and selling. Make it to where you don't have to have the bow in your inventory to make it to where it counts it. (Thats why people don't get the medal for having purchased all of the bows)

3. On the achievements menu, it could just be my comp. But some of the writing doesn't show up fully. It just cuts off the sentence.

So thanks for viewing this.

xdragonx10 responds:

1. Read review below

2. I'll make the description more obvious

3. Yea, not sure why this started happening, I'll fix it


great game great gameplay great fun cool cheats awesome medals pure kick ass
but theres a few things i have to say. 1:the fact that the arows stick to people and disapeer only if they attack thats ok for some enimies but with bosses sence you stay away and attack too much arows are on him and makes lagg. 2:too much people on screen sometimes. 2:you get hit by the enimies even when your away from them.

overall 8/10

xdragonx10 responds:

1. Option to stop that will be added for the sequel
2. There is a limit
2. Had to be this way or you could run through enemies w/o being hit

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4.33 / 5.00

May 15, 2009
5:35 PM EDT
Action - Other