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Color Archers

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This is a very innovative defense-shooter.
Each attacking robot has a colored symbol on top of it,select the correct color and draw the corresponding symbol (anywhere on the screen) to shoot an arrow to this robot!
As the game progresses you'll earn spells. To invoke a spell you will use a unique symbol that you previously created!
As the game progresses you'll have to start mixing the palette colors, in order to get the right color to kill the robots!

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i HATE games like this

they dont even make any sense and u dont get enuf life


Spent an hour playing this game. Good stuff.

For those of you having trouble with the symbols, I found it helpful to practice in the "design your own symbol" screen for the spells. It gives you an error message if the symbol you draw would register as one already in the game, and it tells you which one the game would consider it.

That said, I still haven't figured out how to make an acceptable triangle, even after fifteen minutes in the drawing room. Any chance you (Joliner) could lower the standards for that one? I don't know how many triangles I ended up drawing, but none of them worked. Color-lightning is the only method I've found that works in-game, but the cool down is way to long to make this a standard practice. I already set the quality to low, so that shouldn't be a problem. Would being one Internet Explorer really make it impossible to draw a suitable triangle?

fun game

great concept, it'd be nice if you could switch colors with the keyboard


This is very new, thanks for the good work.

The thickness of the lines that the paint brush draws could be reduced, just a little bit.

Maybe its just me, but trying to draw the curly cue (looks like a downward pointing pig tail or corkscrew) always caused me problems.

nice game

Keep it up :)