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You can easily create your own puzzles and share them with your friends. After you're done making your puzzle you're given a unique URL where people can play your puzzle!

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This game got more interesting the longer I played it. I think the best part is probably how there was always something new. A lot of times, it just fell into place. The graphics are cute enough. It might seem silly liking something so cute. I just thought it was fell done.

It wasn't too difficult. You could really experiment on how to beat the level. I liked the mad scientist bit. It's interesting to add more guys to get in there. This was quite fun.

Chiccky Chiccky What?

When I played it there was a bug, and it just kept rotating on it's own. Looked good though :)


When ever i tried to play this game it would rotate the screen in one direction the whole game very bad game

Good game.

Did this immediatly remind anyone else of Orbitz?

Its a game from a couple years back that is exactly like this, without the screen turning.

Very nice game

It took me a little while, but i eventually beat it. Try making a long and complicated maze course.