Ball Bouncer v2

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Edit: I already know about the sometimes spazzy ball getting stuck in the corners. I can't fix it, I've tried.

A Very simple game. I wasn't going to submit it because I thought it was trash. But it's not bad, just kind of difficult. Instructions are included in-game. enjoy.


about the spazzy ball...

try removing the corners by rounding them off, it might work :D

good start

its ok but by adding like props each levels or an upgrade system or anything else or by only changing the backgroung each level, i know the v3 will be great

liked a lot the 5 second head start concept keep it its innovative)

Not good.

- Crappy Menu
- Crappy Graphics
- Easy
- Bug
- Strange way of bouncing back sometimes.

+ Good idea.

Spiff responds:

well at least i get one positive comment in that =D

Pretty good

The physics are a little weird. When the ball hits the right side of the paddle, the ball goes left and vice versa. Also the random direction of the bounce off the ceiling was unexpected. Not bad for as simple as it is. If you could develop this a little, it could become the cousin of Breakout that it wants to be

Spiff responds:

it's not physics, random number generator.


Needs improved graphics is a major issue here, its just a ball and paddle, next time add a background so you get that problem out of the way...
Another thing is the plot, make something better next time, as you know, many NG Flash that has no plot or/and bad gameplay get at least 2/10-1/5, so fix that (not the gameplay)

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2.14 / 5.00

May 14, 2009
8:57 PM EDT
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