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Edge of Sanity

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Qroketh, a young and promising soldier, escapes the army and returns to his home village to defend his loved ones from mysterious cursed monsters. As he battles the creatures of nightmare, he slowly loses contact with reality...
What will become of him?

This project has been in the works for quite some time, and I'm happy to finally publish it. I've made it so that levels only load when you are about to play them, so if you leave and come back later, you'll save much time on the loading.

It's been tested a lot in the last few weeks, but as I've discovered with my last project, strange bugs can come up randomly, so, if you do encounter any glitches, please let me know! The more detail you give, the better the chances I can fix it!


PS: Medals will be displayed shortly. I think that if you earn them in-game, they will show up on your profile, but at the moment they aren't visible on the game page

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i am just legs and feet and i fla wgat tge geck do i do now

Simply 10/10, would never play again

Fucking shit


Congrats on getting this front paged that's the best award you can possibly get on the site so props to you on that and very good stuff here you presented a good game a fun type of game and silly with the results but I liked it and was pretty enjoyble from a to b so nice work on this one maybe add some more silly results more variety of choices that would be a plus for a game like this

More variety for end result more choices