Tower's Tactics: Aphelion

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Cyxios paces the halls of his enormous underworld palace. He appears to be speaking to nobody... but a strange, divine presence can be felt. Perhaps it is an embodiment of Kasayel, the great god of bloodshed?

Meanwhile, Chancellus converses with Alerand at The Night Tower, an enormous structure built to guard the mysterious Aphelion Gateway. Chancellus, a winged servant of Kasayel, is becoming restless. He has found a way to exit the tower without leaving it unprotected -- by inhabiting and taking control of a host body. It seems that Alerand is about to become his first host, and several heretics on the nearby mainland are about to die.


"Tower's Tactics: Aphelion" puts you in control of Chancellus and his team of heretic-killing fighters. Battle your way through the enemies to build your team and learn unique skills. Then, fight through arena mode for the high scores!

- Extensive storyline-driven campaign
- Real-time battle system
- 5 unit classes and over 40 unique skills
- Great bitmap graphics
- Several hours of entertaining gameplay time
- Complete custom soundtrack by audio composer "MaestroRage"

Note: This game is the sequel to a 2007 flash game called "Tower's Tactics: Deity's Throne". However, you don't need to play the prequel to enjoy this!


Special thanks to MaestroRage for the music, Madkins for the complete playtesting, Aramek/TomaMoto for the voice acting, and ArcadeTown for the professional sponsorship. Enjoy the game!


Uhh... no

It almost doesn't suck, it's close, really close. Nice try.


For a flash game, this is quite stellar. well done. story is interesting too.

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I agree with a lot of what Caedo said. The game obviously took a lot of time and took a lot of hard work.

Combat- Fun, intuitive and easy. There are different ways you can play depending on your style. I never used the hotkeys because of how it pauses when you click an action, it's like a fuse between real-time and turn-based fighting that makes something that's pure awesome.
Skills- Easy to use and understand. The skill learning over time thing is a great idea for balance and to give an incentive to level.
Stats- Now this just takes the cake. I love this, putting in how much you want to allocate to learning specific stats is great. You don't have to really bother with putting up individual stats certain points when you level and figuring out what would be best. Just put in to each what percentage you want and you're done!
Music- One word. AMAZING.
Autosave- Wonderful and convenient, never needed to worry about saving or losing progress
Difficulty- Not too hard, not too easy. In the immortal words of Goldilocks, This one's just right.

Camera- Be said many times, a bit clunky but not really a big deal.
Lag- Even on low quality I would get heavy lag in combat. It didn't really mess me up but it was really annoying. Maybe it was just me though.
Equipment (or lack thereof)- Pretty self-explanatory, could use some new gear or money system for buying things like armor, weapons and potions. (If there is already, I apologize, I only had time to play to half-way though the second island and didn't see anything).

Though my score here is a 9/10, I gave you a 5/5.

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Great Game

It is evident that more work and polish has gone into this than just about every other game on Newgrounds. The graphics are excellent. The music is excellent. The story is excellent. When it comes down to it, this game IS excellent.

The only thing that isn't great about this game is the controls; mainly how the screen automatically centers on your units, and you have to hold down the keys to look somewhere else. The only other problem I've run into thus far is how it's a bit difficult to select a unit that is directly above another one. That problem mainly occurs when trying to select an enemy to attack/cast a spell on, but it isn't that big of a deal since the game automatically gets paused when you click on a skill/the attack icon (one of the many nice improvements over its predecessor).

Frankly, there really aren't any bad things to say about this other than the screen-control. The voice-acting is wonderful, along with how the controls and game-concepts are introduced (tower-capturing, etc). One thing I really liked was the inclusion of a walkthrough (which REALLY would have helped me in TT:T). I also enjoy the Arena - it adds a bit more to the game when you want a break from the campaign/are done with the campaign and want to just go crazy with your team. Of course, there are many other good things, but I don't have time to list them all out.

I give 9/10 stars.

- Great graphics
- A truly immersive story-line
- Perfect voice acting (as in, the emotions and tones are perfect for the characters and really give one a sense of what is going on)
- Wonderful music (always been a fan of MaestroRage...in fact, I first started listening to his stuff because I heard it in TT:T)
- TOUGH gameplay that always forces you to stay on your toes.
- Numerous improvements and features not present in TT:T, including the walkthrough and arena, along with many other "smaller" things.

- Sometimes the game is a bit too tough, which I personally think is a great thing in a game, but I don't think all Newgrounders see things that way.
- "Clunky" screen control

Overall, I believe this deserves more than a Daily 3rd, as well as to be frontpaged. Still, I remove 1 star for the clunky screen (though really, I would 9.5 or 9.75 if I could). But then again, I think this is "too good" to be truly appreciated on Newgrounds, as in, TT:A has become such a great and complex game, that the masses of 12-y/o's will 0-bomb it because they are either jealous of your ability, frustrated with their inability to beat it due to the difficulty, or they got so tied up with one little issue, that it caused them to hate the game as a whole for no legitimate reason.

I truly look forward to any games you make in the future, as I have since I played TT;T...whether they are for Newgrounds or otherwise. You have made a very good game here; do not let the scores convince you otherwise.

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good but....

the controls are horrible most of the time when i wanted to atrget it an enemy i would end up running right into the mob and dieing and only being able to look forward a bit then having it slide back was bad if you could fix these proplems the game would be a 10 but for now

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3.85 / 5.00

May 14, 2009
7:11 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)