Nooboo Mary: Witch Queen

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Description :

In Witch Hunt : Nooboo Mary, The Witch Queen, the story continues with more spells, different enemies marching towards you and a deeper story. You play Nooboo Mary, and with all the spells you have, will try to stop them from reaching you at all cost. Meanwhile a rival: the evil witch queen plots to have you destroyed.

Instructions :

Gather the souls of the pitiful peasants to learn, upgrade, and cast more spells. But, if a mob gathers outside your house, you'll be the one facing a gruesome death.

Tutorials and Tips:

Youtube video
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=tMPq-523Re8
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=i1oQvnqsuiQ

blog/35-game-launch/62-ho w-to-play-witch-hunt-noob oo-mary-the-witch-queen.h tml

Details :

story cut scenes + 13 levels + 12 new characters + 3 new spells

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So HARD!!!! ,Great Sequel :)

Nice game but this is too hard for me. Not only you have to kill enemy, but also have to concentrate to avoid to kill "some enemy", and there are ton of enemy out there, too hard to do it all. The game difficulty should be easier

I don't know why people are saying this game is too hard. It's a really fun, slightly strategic game that just takes a bit of thought and planning to get through (and a quick clicking finger.... I gotta say having witches, witch hunters, and specials all be immune to everything but frogs made all that clicking annnoying). Every level is beatable - Usually the key is to wear down their numbers with swamps in front (nothing can kill them and they'll eat up some of the more dangerous enemies and drastically drop their numbers) and put some apple trees or man bear pigs (Awesome!) behind them to take care of most of the knights.

Maybe you could throw some evil trees in back for any priests or whatever who got through, but I prefer to just drop a giants foot. When you can, drop plague or insect swarm ( I prefer plague and see absolutely no purpose to the third ultimate).

Early on when you're strapped for cash buy an ugly stick and whack someone when they're getting too close, then use the extra time to frogify the others.

neat but....

it's a good game but you should make an easier sequal.
yes, another sequal.

w t f

i was exeted when i saw the sequel but then the their were too many immunities to keep track of and you went over board with the killing of traps i cant beat the first leval with the white mages because they always destroy my #1 killing spell poison apple and why doesnt it let you lay out more than 1 of each trap and use more than 1 of the mutation spells other than turn toad

so wtf

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

May 14, 2009
4:20 PM EDT
Action - Other