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A simple platformer drawn only with calls to the DrawRect functions (really! even the letters are drawn that way!).

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I quite enjoyed the unique concept of the game. I enjoyed the style of the game, in the pixel-like visuals.

Nice sound effects. I feel some music would have helped though. While the sound effects were nice, as well as the music of the title screen, I think some background music would have been a nice addition to compliment. Anything space-ish would have sufficed.

As for the game itself, I found it a bit challenging. I certainly enjoy a challenge in games, although I found the lack of a save button disappointing. Other than that, I had no other issues with it.

Decent game. Cheers!

A little bit slow

I like the concept behind this one, however I spent most of my time either nudging green blocks slightly or waiting for my charge to fill up which wasn't fun at all. Speed up this whole process and this might be a great game.

Great game ruined by unfair difficulty

This was a very impressive game and immediately struck me as something impressive. Sadly, my fun was totally ruined by a few striking problems.

First and foremost was the HARSH difficulty. Two or three mistakes is enough on most levels to make you lose. Even a single misstep is enough on some of the levels. I understand providing a challenge or sometimes an arcade style feel, but losing 3-5 minutes and having to redo it often multiple times is unacceptable. Adding a reset button for when you know you've messed up would be helpful to save time and frustration.

Which brings me to the next issue. There is ABSOLUTELY NO SAVING. WHAT THE HELL! You play for 10 minutes slowly working your way up the levels and then a single mistake makes you lose and not only do you have to restart that whole level, you have to restart the ENTIRE GAME. That is one of the biggest and stupidest mistakes you can make when creating a game. No one wants to replay the same ball-bustingly difficult levels over and over because they make a single mistake or heaven forbid they have to quit playing and come back another time.

Then of course comes the lag. This is a common problem and you may not be able to fix it, but it's much more serious than in other games. Rather than slowdowns, this game seems to speed up when it lags. And multiple exploits are created in the process. The booster seems to speed up disproportionately so that it's possible to practically boost through the whole level if you exploit the lag properly. Of course you have no control and can barely see what's happening during that though.

Last but not least, I didn't see any high scores. Of course the lag always got ridiculous while the game was trying to load the game over screen so it was hard to tell, but if there are not high scores you need to add them. They are the incentive to keep playing. Challenging yourself against other players around the world is one of the best forms of replayability.

So in summary, give us a fricken reset button and autosave at each level giving us the option to start after any level we have beaten in addition to starting over. Then, add some high scores if there aren't any and add some music so we don't get QUITE so bored as we continuously replay the same long and slow levels. (With an option to mute it of course.)

I hope to see more of your work in the future, but hopefully it will be a bit more polished. This game could have gone far if only a few minor changes had been made.

jorisdormans responds:

Hi Dragonheart91, thanks for the lengthy review. It is much appreciated that you took the time to give me some feedback I can really use to improve the game. You are entirely right that the game could do with some extra polish. The game as it is now was the result of just a single weekend (practise for the global game jam, I wanted to see what could be done in a weekend).
I do not know what causes the lag before returning to the title screen, it doesn't happen for me. But once returned you restart from the last level and you can submit a score although that does seem to be buggy as well.
In any case I have some plans lying around for a second version that includes upgrades for the ship, deals with lag and includes save points through out the level (you can teleport back to that point).
Thatnks again.


Nice stuff over here!! Real-Time CLassic one!!

Nice stuff^^

Very good job

This is a very good job. The animation is smooth, the controls are simple, the idea is original. I didn't played it until the very end but it seemed to me that it would start to get boring, if the others users agree with my, I think a good idea would be to give upgrades to the ship, like missiles to explode a wall of enemies or something like that. I liked the fact that the enemies only push you and take your fuel, instead of killing you like in most of the games. It wasn't so hard, neither that easy, and is also a addicting challenge if you feel ambitious. Didn't got a 10 because of the lack of music in the stages and a few glitches that I found (like when you fall from a high altitude, without stopping, and the camera didn't folowed you; when the camera shows the ground you 're not there). Anyway, good job, and continue with original ideas.

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2.94 / 5.00

May 14, 2009
3:11 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle