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Angel Of Love

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Help Angel of Love Spread love and compassion to the world.

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Decent dress-up game here

I am very entertained with your submission, you bring some new and old stuff but in a way it all seems to work out, I was excited to see some things that were nifty and what not and those are the types of things that make tings kinda differant but that seems to work aswell. The music was realnice and set a good tone for a decent game, the graphics were notbad, you shoiwed some nice detail and nice effort all around so nice efforts there, The "NAVIGATION" was something to be desired, but the game was actually fun and i got a good kick out of it all, the music was really something that kept it goping as everythng else could have used more items even some backrounds, but other then that it was an alright game. And so i have come close to the conclusion here on this submission, I have liked what you made here today, you have some interesting and entertaining ideas that went on here and i was generally pleased with the outcome. of things.

And here we have another decent game something that could ofcourse be improved on with some small changes and some possible clean up here and there, so this is something you can push in the next submission or upgrade on this one. A backround changer would be nice for the backrounds adding more items would be a plus, You have a good game here but in the end there was just too few items and needed more stuff and even effects.

Why can't...?

It's a decent dress-up. Music got old fast. Skin color selection was a bit ... odd. You can either be "white", "more white", or "off-white". Wasn't really a dress-up in the sense of changing clothes, more just an accessorizing game.

I think what disturbs me about this game is it's geared towards girls, and it seems "girl game" creators think girls are only interested in playing dress-up rather than doing something else, like puzzle games, mysteries, etc. Sadly, I think the girl-game creators are probably hitting 80% of their target audience, though, since girls these days are still brain-washed into thinking the only value they have is in how good they can look and how well they can follow fashion.

When a dress-up game comes out from a non "girl game" person/company, I don't really have this issue, because it's just a dress-up game for everyone to enjoy. But when I see dress-up games targeted towards girls only, it just seems sexist and degrading. Sort of like saying "here, Susy, play this dress-up game to learn that all good girls must look pretty, and then get in the kitchen to learn that all good girls must cook and clean, too." I don't think I'm looking too much into this, because other girl-games that come out always revolve around cooking. Maybe certain activities are preferred more by each sex and it's not just sexism.

A dressup, but for once not apalling.

Let us begin this review with some background. I HATE dressup game...with a passion. They are almost ubiquitously mindless, perverse, and generally speaking...well, halfassed. Angel of Love seems to be the exception. Unlike with most games of this sort, I didn't feel an immediate need to hit the Blam button after the flash finished loading. High praise indeed, coming as it does from somone who would just as soon see flash like this taken off Newgrounds entirely.


Oh....I thought it was an hentai game :-D