Warfare Tower Defense

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Hi guys AdminAnt here with another Tower Defense game

Warfare Tower defense

Its a fun game with cartoony looking graphics and 3 different levels and a selection of towers to choose from.

The music give the game a bit mopre feel of fun.
Featured include

walkthrough on My blog ( working on it atm)
small tutorial in game The game pretty easy to understand
3 unquie desgin maps
array of different enemys slow getting more and more health
Highscore system of easy , medium and unlimited on sponsor site

Thanks very much


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dude pull this game, rethink for a sec and make it better. This game is bad, tracks are too cluttered,hard to place the towers because the picture of the tower overlaps the track instead of normal tds were they take up only 1 box of space, pls dont make a td like this again. Im sorry but this is pretty bad. im giving 2/10 stars because its not the worst td ive played but its bad. sorry, bad game

Not bad... but a bit too easy

This is a good TD game but it's too easy! (in my opinion) ...And the eyes creeps me out :c You could make the turrets (and the soldiers) move because it looks boring the way it is at the moment :)

Decent TD game

Selecting towers in clusters can be difficult as they often overlap and the maps also seem a little cluttered. In many TD games you get the option to demolish pieces of scenery to allow you to put towers there and I would certainly have freed up a few corners here if allowed. There were also a few times when spaces were blocked by invisible barriers, I only noticed this on the second map though, not sure if the problem exists elsewhere.

I also have to comment on the grammar, which was awful. Dont want to be some kind of grammar nazi here but I think it could be detrimental to some people playing the game, for example, someone waiting for a wave of ninjas which would never come to deploy insta death turrets (XD). Often the descriptions just didnt make sense, such as the "basic damage turret who just can give the soldier basic damage". I suppose you can work stuff like this out pretty easilly, but it just looks ridiculous. You also seem a little boastful about the ultimate turrets which, to be honest, werent great. Being a "terminator with superior execution" I expected a little more. I think you probably should increase their damage a little, their price could easily go up too as they are fairly innexpencive at the moment.

Other than this the artwork is nice, although the towers are often too big for their spaces and the enemy variety is very limited. I also got the 'enemies enter the maze and just stand at the enterance bouncing up and down glitch' but you seem to be aware of this and it only happened once. Overall a decent tower defence.

Anyway, stick at it. 6/10, 3/5, good effort.

Sorry for the long review...

Not too bad.

Gameplay got a bit repetative, but that's expected in a Tower Defense Game, I'd know as I'm a TDG fanatic. The artwork was ok, but I'd have to agree with some of the other reviews on the opinion that the turret pictures were slightly too large for their squares and that there weren't many good places to set the turrets making strategic placement slightly difficult. The "Ultimate Turret" didn't really live up to it's name in the end as I had 10 of them upgraded to max blasting away and still wound up losing even with freeze turrets set to slow them down right as they entered the Ultimate Turret zone. Other then those slight issues I found the game had some decent replay value as I played it about 6 times trying to get to a higher wave each time. So keep up the good work. Overall a 7 in my opinion.


It's good, just keep working at it. Should add different enemies in the waves, it gets a bit boring after seeing the same enemies over and over for 10waves.

XweaselX responds:

thx will do :)

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2.86 / 5.00

May 13, 2009
5:42 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense