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The blocks fall from four sides to the center. Try to complete squares of one color to make them disappear. Have fun!

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Very original take on a classic...

... but it lacks in a couple of areas. First off, the plain white background and the size of the pieces and the block in general was a bit straining on the eyes after several playthroughs. Maybe increase the overall size of the game window and enlarge everything a bit, and do something other than plain white for the background. And while its not completely visual, some sound effects / background music would add to the experience as well. You could do something yourself, or browse around the audio portal (I'm sure there are many artists who would contribute a song to this game for due credit, and you could even find a remixed version of the old school tetris track).

The next issue that I think is a problem is the next piece window that is a staple for tetris players, and it's missing in this game. In a game like this, not only would a next piece window help immensely, but also an indicator as to which side the next piece is coming from. Once the block builds up to a respectable size, it's easy to lose track of which side the next block will be coming from.

In tetris, the best play you can make is obviously clearing 4 lines at a time for a tetris. In this game, I wasn't sure if that same aspect existed. One of the main reasons was because of the nature of the game, it is just hard to build a block with one column missing and wait on the bar shaped piece to knock all the lines out. The other reason is because of all the awkwardly shaped pieces. I'm not sure if you originally tested the game with the 7 standard tetris blocks before deciding to add the larger and more complicated pieces or not, but I think the game would flow a lot smoother with only the standard tetris blocks, and would also make clearing more lines at a time for more points a more achievable goal.

All in all, it's a clever concept that's a little rough around the edges, and could use a couple audio and visual tweaks to really make it shine. I think with a bit of effort and the input of some good NG users, you could really turn this into something great.

This is odd.

I wanted to like this game but it was too buggy from the start. when I had a square moving across and I hit the "rotate" button, it went backwards so I could send it to the middle square. It was an interesting take on an already good game but I greatly disliked that the pieces were greyed out until they hit the center so I couldn't know where the best place to put them was. I also noticed that someone else did a similar game to this on Armor Games called "Gravitat" http://armorgames.com/play/2858/gravi tat but I don't thing that you stole the idea because as much as it looks the same, yours was slightly different. I'm not trying to be the bad guy accusing you of stealing but I'm just saying that they look oddly similar.


never saw anything like this before..well, aside from the obvious tetris games. But the idea of the game is quite interesting...i'd like to see more, it's very creative

You have something good going here

The only problem is the fact that I wasn't sure on what was going on until I was five minutes into the game. You just need clearer and more descriptive instructions.


Good work.

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May 13, 2009
4:00 PM EDT