Lamarr Is Going Home

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Playing controls: Left & Right Arrows = Walk; Up arrow = Jump. Or use WASD (without S)
Note: ALL THE LEVELS ARE POSSIBLE! Two or three are just a bit trickier. If you really get stuck, just message me for the level passwords.

This game is based on an old Atari-2600 Bitcorp game called "Bobby Is Going Home", where the idea is to jump over the hazards and holes until you reach your home. I have adapted that game to a Half-Life 2 setting, depicting the homeward journey of Lamarr the headcrab after she is accidentally sent to Nova Prospekt during Gordon Freeman's teleporter accident in "A Red Letter Day". I've attempted to preserve a fair bit of the nostalgia value of the Atari-2600 in LIGH, but with a few "tech upgrades" here and there.

Featuring music by Javet, Adam Sawyers, CoMcPhee, DaVince, and me!


Dis gameis amazing…hate 2 see Dr.Kleiner cry when Lamarr dies tho ;~: (it makes me feel badz 3:)

raise your hand if you like head humpers! :D lol

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So. freaking. beautiful.. ;__;
Such a damn ingenious idea - I've always wondered about what happened to Lamarr after her accident.. She finally made it home. One of the best Half-Life tributes I've seen. You've recreated the areas splendidly in pixel form. From the detailed sprite designs staying true to the game, to the colour scheme ( an appropriate one!) Sound was great too. The way Lamarr squeaks while we jump her around is so adorable. And such a cute death animation, with her flapping her widdle appendages like wings n__n

I love the enemies too, especially the crawling leg-less zombies - good surprise for the players there. I didn't expect to get eaten by anti-lions in the sand either :P The walking enemies were a pain though - took me a while to figure out that we had to walk backwards and then jump forward. I really wish they were shorter or something - or Lamaar could vault over them easier somehow.. Most of your players appear to get stuck on them. Maybe for the time being you could make a post with all the codes for the people who are having a hard time, and add in Lamaar medals for completing levels?

I didn't expect it to end quickly though. Wish I could have played a few more levels at least. But hey, that's what replaying games are for, right? The get-stuck-here spots do add longevity to game play. It was a nice way to end it, with Lamaar falling down under the lab after finally making it.
Needless to say, this game is soo going to my favourites. Are you going to make more Valve inspired games in the future? Personally, I'd love to see you make a prequel of sorts of a toothed, pre-debeaked murderous Lamaar, where you harness people to get past obstacles. That would be such an amazing platformer.. Looking forward to your future works.

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TmsT responds:

Well, Lamarr did supposedly get launched in that rocket at the end of the last Episode. If she's back with no explanation in HL3, I'll probably make another simple game like this to explain how she returned home. So stay tuned for that, when HL3 comes out in 2047! kek

Lamarr phone home

this is better then minecraft

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May 13, 2009
12:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other