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The Body Count

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A mad scientist invents a chicken cannon and goes on a rampage.

The Body Count was made as part of an assignment for my animation course at uni. The assignment was to create and pitch an animated TV show.

Check out the video version with more 3D at TheBodyCount.net



pretty good.

Heh, I want the weather girl, too!

In any event, that was funny! Angry Dog is still your best work so far though.

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lol very good

Humor: 10/10 some of the one liners were great, "dont think i wont you dirty bitch" cracked me up. This was an extremely good concept pervy weather man lol.

art:10/10 very good character design, i can see you put effort into making a storyboard. The backgrounds and graphics in this flash were very well drawn which gives a professional finish.

animation: 9/10 very well animated with many frame by frames, charaters could have been drawn from a few different perspectives, side on ect.

criticisms: No real criticisms other than how did the woman get from reporting the incident coating themselves with grease, to get back to the studio in time for the second suck my cock joke? when it was supposedly all the way across time.

Overall 10/10 enjoyable and fun!

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it! regarding your criticism, you're talking about two different characters, even if you don't notice that they're introduced as having different names, one has darker skin and wears different clothes

Very enjoyable. :]

I found this very well done. :D I hope your assignment goes well. I'll admit- I love your style. The animation was really smooth, and the overall design and expression of each character made the flash all the more better.

And the fact Rod was making fun of Wendy- ahaha. :]
Chicken Cannon- I lol'd.
Humor- Is dry and silly, but grade A.

This really did kind of remind me a bit of Anchorman in the silly humor, dispute between Rod and Wendy, and the news studio theme. But hey, Anchorman is great, so with that I was just overall much happier with it.

The only tid bit of criticism I have- is a little more work on the voice acting. A little more enthusiasm could really push this entire thing over the edge. :]

Overall, excellent work. :D Hope to see more!

P.S. For some reason, I can't get the idea of this being on Adult Swim out of my head. Brownie points for the assignment? Ahaha. :]

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks talkative!

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4.39 / 5.00

May 13, 2009
12:56 AM EDT
Comedy - Original