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Animation Castration

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Hallo viewers. This is Andrew or Werdna7 to be more accurate. I just wanted to first off say that this is my first flash movie i've uploaded that has elements of flash that i have learned from my Graphic Class. I have had other previous movies, but they were blammed since i was just playing around and i made crappy work. and they all lasted only about 10 seconds lol. This was an assignment given to me by my very talented teacher James Röeder(Roeder) who wanted us to make a 2 minute long movie using shape tweens, motion tweens, motion guids, audio and movie clips. He also said it had to have a point, not just be completely random. This movie is somewhat random, however i added some funny things in it to make it more interesting such as the button that can't be pressed because my teacher hasn't taughten us ActionScript...nor will he it seems :( lol, but i still plan to learn that one day and make flash games! I hope you all enjoy the video, please don't blam it, i actually spent about half a week to make it and i really think its one of my best works. Thank you.

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for you first flash ill give it a 7/10 because most people first flashes arent even good enough to make it on the portal.

Art: 4/10 it wasnt bad but also could have been alot better, with practice comes perfection. The character could for example have been more detailed as could the background.

animation:2/10 quite poor animation you used alot of motion tweens with basically little to no frame by frame. Although i liked the lighnign strike.

music: 10/10 the randomness of the music in this flash is what made it reasonably watchable, it went well with the strange concept.

Other comment: there are to many improvements that could be made to this flash to list, however for a first attempt it is very good. Dont forget the more effort you put into a project the more satisfaction you get out of it.


The sound quality is pretty poor. Animation skills are decent for a novice. No plot, old overused dull jokes. Also I believe you're supposed to give credit to the artists of the songs you used. Not 100% on that though, but even if you don't have to, you really should.

Werdna7 responds:

Well, it was the first time i've ever edited the music, i used Adobe Soundbooth..and i have no idea how to use that program, so i didn't really know what i could do. i only had 4, 90 minute class periods to make this. so i couldn't really come up with much on the spot. and the bands, yes, i forgot to mention them, the next movie i make, if i do, will definitely have credidations for audio. Thanks for you comment.

i must say...

worst walking animation i have ever experienced. that being said. i loled :)


it was funny when he fell off the building and when he got hit by lightning


For a first time/project, this is good. But it's just a guy walking around, so I wouldn't say it really belongs on newgrounds. 5/10.
( But I do love the music choices. :D )

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1.23 / 5.00

May 12, 2009
9:26 PM EDT

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