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This took me a while to make. Hope you all like it.
Its a match 3 puzzle game, with a twist. Cross between match 3 and naughts and crosses.

The Story:
The Smileys are leaving their homes and wondering around aimlessly. Catch them with your SmileyTrap and teleport them to school in time. A fast paced match 3 puzzle game. An original take on the match 3 genre.

Arrow keys to move the SmileyTrap.
The Z and X keys to rotate the SmileyTrap left and right respectively.
Enjoy :)

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I found this game to be adequate. I admit that it's a little too cutesy, but that can't really be helped. I thought the music was quite good. I didn't understand what happened when one of those guys just wouldn't go in. Anyway, the graphics work fine for what they are. It's a pretty joyous game.

I'm glad you don't have to get everything done by the end of the level. You just need to survive. I didn't even realize I could rotate them at first. You seem to have a lot of power with them in that sense. This was fairly enjoyable.

Top Notch Game & Not hard at all!

I don't know what the last few are saying. The game didn't get to much harder after the first couple of levels. Maybe you weren't using the rotate buttons, they're pretty vital in the game.

Gets hard way too fast.

Easy, then medium, then hard and then extremely hard in just 4 or 5 levels.

id8games responds:

Hey AioriaRox, the game does get easier after you have had a few goes.
Like any game, it takes time to get used to the controls, and forming multiple combos etc.
The more you play it the easier it will get.
Thank you for the feedback :)

Slower difficulty curve please...

... it got too hard at Level 2.


id8games responds:

Keep trying Satori75, the game gets easier the more you practice. :)


pretty good