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The Abe Game

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Author Comments

Abe was lied to. His friend betrayed him. Now him and his child are trapped in a castle of death. Traps and death await every corner waiting to kill Abe. But before he escapes, Abe cannot leave without the treasure. TRY TO GET OUT ALIVE...

The cult classic paper game about Abe is now a fully interactive Flash game!!

That's right, this game was originally made by me about two weeks ago, on paper, you choose a path, unfold the paper, and die. But now it's better, and, with two new secret paths! These will add to the replay value, because you can beat this game in about 10 seconds if you know where to go.

** Two things. This is a point and click game. Click things you wanna go on to advance. You can go back. Oh, lousy animation. Also, to *fully* beat the game the way it was intended, you must find the treasure, then escape with Abe's buttface child. Obviously, I'm not so great with Actionscript, and I usually just make simple games anyway, so I didn't care.

ALSO, when you get to the end, click the exit sign. Clicking the acid water crap allows you to go into a secret passage, which includes a new alternate ending. Please beat the game first! **

Fun Facts / Dumb Things
95 Frames @ 12/sec
1 Layer
No tweening, and barely any animation
No color, how lazy
TWO secret paths of death!!



it was great till i saw the "alternate ending" so here is a tip next time make a REAL alternate ending like one that needs another story but other than that good game.

Emby responds:

Well there is a super secret path, which has 2 other endings, so those can be considering the alternative endings.

Guys guys!

It doesn't have to look good, it doesn't have to be well animated. It doesn't have to be all colourful and awesome to be a game. I liked this game, just a lazy made game that he put together for our entertainment, it was pretty hard for an idiot like me xD. Took me 4 tries. And the alternate ending was awesome!

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Emby responds:

Glad someone liked it, and got why it was the way it was. It was a remake of a game made on PAPER, sheesh. Thankies though.


I think the author comments were better than the game. But, GOOd job if this is your first submission, keep it up.

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Emby responds:

Not my first, I made it look crappy because gameplay >>>>>>>> graphics. I don't give a shit about visualness.

Glad you liked.

Minor entertainment

Sweetie, if you're going to make a game like this, you need to be ready to for the game to be judged, even if you make a great game, which this is not, there will be dissenters.

Emby responds:

I don't care if people don't like it. Otherwise I would have put more effort into it, and color.

I am going to have to say...

Well, everyone else thats voted has gotten yelled at... And I don't think theres an exception for me. but the truth is... easy, bad art, no animation, horrible sound...
There is no way this isn't getting blammed. sorry. And just you saying 95 frames... you don't understand how small that is. You probably just threw this together in 10 minutes. be happy Im giving you a real review because this isnt a real game. 0/10, hands down. If I could do negatives, I would.

Emby responds:

Nah, you're entitled to your opinion as long as you can say it in a smart sounding way instead of being a retard such as they were.

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Credits & Info

2.17 / 5.00

May 12, 2009
7:07 PM EDT
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