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Lekia (Flee)

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Genre: Comedy/Parody; Run-time: 2(min); 24.fps
Hello! This is my new flash animation I made for my school's art exam. Nothing special really, but I just wanted to show you what I have been doing all that time. Some of you might be upset that I'm not submitting sequel of the "hole", but I had to make something really fast (three weeks) for the exam and 'Lekia' was on my mind long time ago. I did not wanted to make "hole" sequel in such hurry because it would have looked crappy. As you will see some parts of "Lekia" ar crappy too - due to all the hurry.
The main Idea of this movie is to give the audience/viewer an entertainment, that is all. I decided to use characters from different sources to make it more entertaining. For me, I would love to see all my favorite characters doing insane stuff, so that is what I have dove. Try to guess all the characters if you watched enough of Japanese animation ^^ (some of the characters are my original, heh). I'll list first four sources:
1. Himeko's ahoge - piece of hair I guess - 'Pani Poni Dash'
2. maho-maho birds - seen Himeko's world - 'Pani Poni Dash'
3. Spike Spiegel - 'Cowboy Bebop'
4. Vespa scooter - 'FLCL'
Music is by awesome guitarist (he is blind, so it makes him even more awesome artist) JOSE FELICIANO. His music inspire me a lot. Song is called "Flight of the bumblebee" so this is kind of music video for that song since there is a bumble bee in this movie ;D
Thank you for watching I hope you will like it.

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The artwork was great at the start. Then it got worse and worse. There wasn't really any animation in it. Any frame by frame stretched to about 4-5 frames at most. The ending pissed me off. I hate animations that jump on the 4chan bandwagon.

Yoko :3

A great animation, art was also great.

sweet man...

i love it!
it has a realy nice fresh look id real what to see moer......


Hey. Or labas, I guess I should say. You all have managed to make another wonderful little short film. Again, I am thoroughly impressed. I was drawn in from the title alone. I saw it on the flash page and I just knew it would be good. :)
%u012E sveikat%u0105,



This movie really is good. The stills are great. and the animation flows very well with the music, and using recognizable characters makes it all the more enjoyable. But the bad part is... you got lazy. we all could see the stick men, the scribbley looking images, all that crap that you flashed for one frame and figure we wouldn't see. Thats why I'm giving you an eight. overall-
Animation - 10 - Flowed awesome with the music.
Art - 9 - the stills were awesome. They were excellent... I actually wanna see some art from you on D.A. or something.
Music - 10 - The guitarist you picked is EXTREMELY talented. He must be like triple jointed or something.
Effort - 5 - You did really well... but it seems like, at the end, you really just threw it all together at the last moment.
Overall - 8 - This is a great animation, and if you are reading this, go watch it. It really is good... I want you to make more. Or I'll eat you.

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4.35 / 5.00

May 12, 2009
3:20 PM EDT