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Roof-Top Ninja

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Arrow Keys Move
Arrow Up Jumps
Arrow Down Speeds up your falling speed
Z Key Attack 1
X Key Attack 2

Unlockable Moves
C V and A Keys

Earn points by killing other ninjas, then train whatever skill you'd like!

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Needs More Work


Nice side-scroller fighting game, but it's very rough around the edges.

- The graphics are ok. Not the best I've seen, even for simple graphics, but they're ok. The player's ninja doesn't seem to have the influence of running like a ninja. He should be leaning forward more. When he is running, he looks like he is on that Gazelle exercise tool.

- Quite easy to make the character execute.
- I would introduce variable jumping height, so the player can perform small jumps as well as large ones. I see that you can press the down arrow to sort of "shorten" the jump, but the player shouldn't have to press an additional key to do this.

Make it such that, when the player jumps, as long as they are holding the jump key, the character will continue to ascend, until the max jump height is reach. Should the player release the jump key before the max height is reached, then the character will begin to fall.

- Give the player the ability to do basic punch and kick attacks while in airborne.

- Is there an involved plot at all, or you're just jumping from rooftop to rooftop, with random fighting? When I reached the far right end, there was an arrow telling me to go left. o_O

- Can you regain health or no?

- The music is annoying and doesn't fit all all. Consider making it different for each of the different weather conditions.

- The sound effects, especially the impact sound, were rather rough and monotonous. With no way to mute and/or adjust volume for sounds or music, I just turned off my speakers.

- When changing weather conditions, you may want to make
the clouds slowly fade out, instead of instantly vanishing.

- Regardless of the current weather or time of day, when I fall off the buildings, it changes to the cyan-colored sky. :-P It should stay the same color, for example, if I fall off the buildings at night, when the scene changes to the close-up of my ninja falling, the sky should stay the dark color.

- Give the player some sort of defense ability. It doesn't necessarily have to be blocking.

- As a ninja, I would think that he can somersault or something. I can see him jumping the way you have him now, if he jumps from a stationary position, however when running, consider changing that to a somersault. Then, assuming you added mid-air attacks, the stationary punch/kick moves could look different that the ones coming out of a somersault, and the somersaulting ones could be slightly stronger as well.

- Enemy ninjas can damage me just by running into me, lol For example, one guy had his back turned, and I touched him, and I got hurt. Since the characters in this game actually have attack frames, damage should only be taken when characters collide on those specific frames.

- Sometimes, before I turned down my speakers, I would hear the impact sound when no one was fighting. What's that all about? :-D

- The most useful move in the game was the basic punch, because it was the quickest. The extra moves weren't very helpful, and seemed more like embellishments. They could at least be stronger than the basic punch and kick. I didn't try the Flip Kick, because the game simply didn't keep my interested for that long, sorry.

So, I think there is _much_ work to be done, but it's still a good start.

Good skill, soldier. (-:
* salutes *
- Ziro out.

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

May 12, 2009
1:44 PM EDT