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May 11, 2009 | 5:00 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Mike and I made this game as an experiment to see if we could express this little idea solely through gameplay. We ask that you be patient while playing through it and try your best to finish it. Also, if you have an interpretation and so on, please share in a review.

Thanks for playing and keeping an open mind!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Boring, but nice message

I believe this game would be banned in America.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I started playing with no idea of what was going on, only that people were rioting and I was apparently attempting to convert them to "the other side," if you will. When everyone was of the same persuasion, the player character changes color (ideals) and must attempt to sway others back. I, at least, took it as an indication of peoples' sudden and unpredictable switches in ideology.

As time passes, it becomes easier and easier to convince people of whichever ideal I hold, showing not only how people change easily, but how as time goes on, views become more extreme, and people are more easily swayed.

Finally, the player character attempts to find a middle ground and convince people of an alternative to two extremes, thus the Grey. Because he is on neither extreme, though, his voice is lost in the crowd and he is left unnoticed.

At least, it's my interpretation of the whole thing. I don't know if it's right or not, and though I would love to know the true meaning behind it, those are still the thoughts this game will provoke in me.

It made me think about human nature, about how people so willingly take to extremes. As it says in the title, I found it very sobering.

All my 10 are belong to you two.

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aeiowu responds:

thanks for playing! and thanks for the kind comments. there's some more discussion at our forums: (there's a hyperlink to the forum on THE END game screen)


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Noo Fozzy

NOOOOO, FOZZY has got it all wrong...Well not all wrong...just partly.
See the thing is, in the game you try to meet the other persons speech waves in the "shades of gray". What the game is trying to say is that it is very easy to compromise with poeple and reach a common ground, and through reaching this common ground getting them on your side.
Thats at least my take on it.


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I have played it some time before

a Loong time ago :) But it is an awesome game. VEERY simple yet it doesnt need to be, it simply represents how you can start a riot, or turn one around having a small group of people even made of just ONE person. Then crowd power kicks in and soon all is going too extremely the other way and so on :)

Is it possible to win this game I wonder??
But its far too much fun looking at stickmen run around xD


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I think this game is about a troll (not on the net in this case) who just likes to fight people and make them fell like him.But soon he finds that this is not a good way to live,and wants to stop the fighting.The monster he has created out of sheeple will no longer listen to him and the fight will never end...thanks for the game.