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Mike and I made this game as an experiment to see if we could express this little idea solely through gameplay. We ask that you be patient while playing through it and try your best to finish it. Also, if you have an interpretation and so on, please share in a review.

Thanks for playing and keeping an open mind!



Good game i really get it plus im proud that i beat it.

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Like a good movie or a good book

Outstanding, this game really got me on my knees, though it practically has no gameplay at all.
First of all, I've been reading some Lukyanenko recently, so the first thing that struck me was the 'light ones' and 'dark ones'. But of course, that's not the point of it.
This game can be an excellent personality test: "Play it and tell me what's it about and ill tell You who You are..."
First there's the confrontation of two fractions, white and black. And at the end you turn grey and can't communicate with either of them. The optymists and people found of eastern religions would say that you've eventually become smarter than both, found the golden compromise, reached a state of nirvana or something like that. While the pesymists or emo's would say that eventually you're left alone with niether side understanding you.
Then there's the aspect of going against the current that the people of rebelious nature would instantly notice, you talk people into turning black, but once everyone's turned black you decide that's stupid or boring and turn to the other side yourself.
And of course the aspect of a raging crowd, or event better, two raging crowds confronting, and swaying people to your side that would certainly get the imagination of wannabe-politicians or the power-hungry running.
Not to mention the white-black means good-evil interpretations that I suppose everyone has thought of.
I suppose I have a lot more things like that on my minmd now, but can't entirely make them out, so I'll leave that up to the future players.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, the game has no gameplay, but the beauifull thing is that the point of this game is not playing it. I suppose that for this reason it shouldn't be calssified as a game, but more likely as an 'interactive movie' or something.
My experience with this masterfull piece of flash art was very rich indeed (an instant fav of course) it was like reading a good book or watching a good movie.

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aeiowu responds:

I really appreciate the thoughtful interpretation and kind words (from everyone as well). I found your 2nd paragraph the most interesting. Though I'd keep the comparison to optimists vs. pessimists, the comparison of nirvana to gray is very astute.

Thanks for playing!


It also rhymes with american indian day, and radioactive decay but that doesn't mean that it has anything to do with it, I didn't read the message before I started playing it so i didn't get the whole message thing but now that i have i think that it's very interesting how one man could change the minds of all thoughs people then just suddenly changes his mind. I'm sure this has happened some time in history.. can't think of one myself though. Not really that great of a game but it's cool with the message

Here's my interpretation

People choose to believe what they want. By interacting with them, you convince them to believe something else. After you switch back and forth, possibly because you decide to believe in something different yourself, people may no longer want to listen to or believe what you say, as you yourself have no defined state of opinion and are just as fickle as anyone else.

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If you actually get it its an awesome game

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4.22 / 5.00

May 11, 2009
5:00 PM EDT
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