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Mike and I made this game as an experiment to see if we could express this little idea solely through gameplay. We ask that you be patient while playing through it and try your best to finish it. Also, if you have an interpretation and so on, please share in a review.

Thanks for playing and keeping an open mind!


The point is obvious and the I think everyone will get it, or maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

It's like politics and religions in my opinion. When one party does nothing at all, another rose up and complains and claim that they can do and fix the problems. And they didn't. So the people changed their minds again. And when that doesn't help. They switch sides and repeat the process.
Just like the old times when crazy Christians being extremist and conservative, forcing people to believe in Jesus Christ and God. And Atheists hates them. Now it's whole lot different because the one get bullied a lot are Christians. (Refer 9Gag and other social media websites) cyberbullying Christians for believing in what they believe. And the one in gray is fine with both, "you can have yours, I don't believe in that, but I respect your beliefs." and the open-minded ones "It's okay, because I believe in what I believe, you can choose not to, it's a choice."

Pardon me for going to the religious topics.

When people get opinionated, they just won't listen anymore because they like to fight, they like to be extreme, they like to be opinionated, they want to prove that they are right. Ultimately the problem doesn't get fixed, people get angry, riot happens, and the world collapse.

Creepy sound sent chills down my spine.

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The meaning of the game is fairly obvious to me (though I'm sure there are other valid interpretations). I'm going to use politics as an example, though it can apply to other things (religion, economy, basically any argument). Let's say your on the far left, Black. Everything they say sounds pretty good, it could fix the country! You spread the word around, using all their scare-tactics about the other side and high-handed goals. You manage to convince people. But things go left for a while, and everything they said didn't happen. They were wrong! It's time to try right, White.

They're trying to warn people about everything wrong with Left. They have goals that could actually work. You take up the propaganda, and convince as many people as possible. But again, things go right for awhile, and nothing they said happens. But left has improved a bit...

Back and forth, until you realize that the truth does not lie at extremes. (non-political example) If a man says men are better than women, it's almost guaranteed that a nearby female will tell him women are better than men. But neither is true, both sides have strength and weaknesses. You become gray, in-between. But when the argument breaks out and both extremes are screaming, no one listens to the peoples saying 'you're both part right and part wrong'. People like extremes, and are rarely convinced by the in-between, no matter how valid. Your words just pass right through.

The game gets it's point across beautifully.

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Really made me think. As sson as you get all the people thinking one way, you suddenly change your thoughts. Very thought provoking. Great game,

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My interpretation is about extreme points of view. They are full of big words, radical ideas, ideals, and frankly the speak about utopias without offering sound arguments, practical ways to get there. Hence, they are easier to spread, they affect people easily, and of course the more there are to deliver the message, the quicker they spread.

People, now, who are in favor of those extreme ideas, no matter what those are (right-left, black-white), function with the same mechanism. So, especially when they are not that into their extreme - when they just got recruited, they can easily be manipulated, and be turned towards the other extreme. Because they are not drawn there with solid arguments, but with propaganda.

And then we have the gray being. He/she has experienced both sides of the coin, he has been back and forth in the spectrum and he now possess all there is to know about the certain subject the spectrum with the extemeties are about (e.g politics, economy). S/he realizes that the truth is in the middle. Where white turns black, and black turns white - the gray area. So, now, he does not try to persuade with big, emotional, simplistic words - he uses solid arguments, he proposes realistic ways. But the thing is, he cannot persuade anyone who abides to an extreme. He sounds foreign and strange to both parties. And because s/he is in a position where only people who have discussed, read, experienced and kept an open mind can be, he is among the few, truly sceptical, realistic, revolutionary individuals.

And of course the game offered a way to be gray. Discuss with both sides and learn thoroughly both sides of the coin. Discussion, after discussion your white and black spectrum, gains lines of gray.

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The graphics were perfect for the point being stated, the gameplay was challenging and fun without being frustrating.

I thought it was a great way to get the point across. So many people feel the need to be polarized, and they're always the loudest. Nobody wants to listen to the guy who says, "Well, you're BOTH sort of right, and you're BOTH sort of wrong."

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May 11, 2009
5:00 PM EDT
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