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May 11, 2009 | 5:00 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Mike and I made this game as an experiment to see if we could express this little idea solely through gameplay. We ask that you be patient while playing through it and try your best to finish it. Also, if you have an interpretation and so on, please share in a review.

Thanks for playing and keeping an open mind!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Crap Hell Mega Happy!!!

I get upset when I'm happy; deal with it.

As someone who has issues with moral absolutes, I can relate. I saw a lot of different possible interpretations of this game. In one way, it addressed the power of one voice to influence the minds of many; push oppression or incite rebellion, conquer or coexist. I can't say whether the switching of positions is a personal philosophy, or if it refers to a changing world condition (possibly caused by the absolute philosophies being implemented). Fun thing about absolute philosophies like that, they mess stuff up.

On the other hand, it can refer to human nature. People need a simple message to cling to. Tolerance and understanding is not our native tongue. We can't just meet in the middle, make compromises or figure things out together. You have to speak in preexisting terms and be consistent all the way through or no one will take you seriously. I can't say whether it becomes harder to convert others throughout the game because of the flip-flopping nature of your character or because the people who are converted become more difficult to convince. It does make sense that converting people over and over again requires stronger arguments...

It can be very deep or very simple, I can't say what it was meant to mean but its still beautifully put together.

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Wonderful game

I really appreciate these art games that have been cropping up lately - flash is an interesting medium for an artistic message. You did a good job with this game, and the final point was spot on. Reminds me of arguments I have with my friends who disagree on religion, and basically everything on the internet.

Nobody cares about compromise any more, because our society of ignorance has decided that having an opinion about something is equally as valuable as knowing something through study.

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simple game, thoughtful message

I like the simple way that this games conveys the volatility of human opinion and thought. At first, however, I thought the game was just an endless loop...but then after reading the reviews I played it again to get to the ending. Another review said it, but I agree that some progress bar (even as simple as a general greying of the white and black extremes) would have helped. Also, the sounds were fairly annoying, so much that I had to shut off my speakers. I think I understand that you were trying to set the atmosphere of strife and confusion, but you could do so with less harshness on the ears. Good game!


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First off...

...flash games are for many different purposes, and usually the best have an extra motive than to entertain a pack of squabbling morons with poop jokes and strong language. It shows that the author had a purpose, a legitimate reason for making the flash that didn't follow the lines of "I need a fuller wallet." For anyone who wants to complain that this is a "lesson" that actually makes you think, there is plenty of bullshit for you to partake in, so quit wasting our time with idiotic comments.

Moving on, I found this a very interesting flash, mostly because it makes me wonder what your thoughts were and/or are as you made it. I translated it into two different parts:
1. The man who always is against the crowd.
I have had several friends who always seem to pick the opposite side of the majority, just to have that sense of individuality...the sense that they are fighting (and often succeeding) against everyone who sees things differently than they. Then when they have overcome, or at least mostly overcome, where else to go but start over and do the same again. What is different about them, however, is that they seem to never be capable of reaching the gray state. I believe this is in part because of my second translation.
2. The gray man.
We know the black and white. Your side versus theirs, whatever colour you choose. From what I have come to understand, these sides usually belong to those that are firm in their belief or opinion of something. However, the gray has always (to me) been seen as the area of uncertainty, where both colours mix into a new one that doesn't have as strong of a structure as the opposing forces. My girlfriend is actually rather gray on several issues, not taking much of an opinion on either side, but admitting that she either doesn't have a strong enough knowledge basis to make a decision, or doesn't have an opinion of either. In this way, I see the gray as something of an escape. I wouldn't expect a person with mixed emotions on a subject to try and convince someone else to share it with him.
However, I do have many moments myself where I hear two arguments and ask "Why not both?" If two plans are good, couldn't using bits and pieces of both be even better? Instead of a gray man...I kind of picture this as a striped man, patches of both ideas. Maybe my striped man and your gray man are the same person...

Anyway, I should probably comment a little on the flash itself...=P
The pixelated everything was, as pixels usually are, a little crude and such, but it was definitely all you needed to convey the meaning.

Nice job man, you have me thinking's definitely a good thing. ^_^

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was a great idea, just like everyone else says people change their minds a lot and you made that into a game, cool idea with a message