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Mike and I made this game as an experiment to see if we could express this little idea solely through gameplay. We ask that you be patient while playing through it and try your best to finish it. Also, if you have an interpretation and so on, please share in a review.

Thanks for playing and keeping an open mind!


Very unique game!

What I got from it: Trying to find a balance through peace, no matter what side you're fighting on. As you start, you try to sway people to your cause. Taking that as far as you can, the whole mob rallies with you, and you even have followers who move around with you as you try to convert others to your cause. But then the balance shifts, and you realize that what you were fighting for is not the definitive solution. So, you fight to rally the mob back to the other side. Back and forth this goes, until, finally, neither side cares for your opinion any longer.

Maybe I'm wrong. As the preceding comments have shown, maybe there is no one right answer to what these people are fighting over. But when you think about, this game, to have generated so much debate and analysis on something so simple (the game is less than 5 minutes long, really), is a success.

My hat's off to you both! 5/5, 10/10, added to favorites.

Ah what's the point...

The more you change your mind the harder it is to convince people to change with you. Though you play the card of neutral by saying they where right about that and this is right about them...it's mainly you trying to make peace but end up making them choose one side or another. In result one person can change the minds of millions.....but change your mind too much and it will be harder and harder for people to change with you....that's what I see in this game... =/

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Well, i learned from that.

Even tough this game did not have a message, it was made for people to make their own conclusions.

I understood that it doesn't how much you try to make people agree to what you say, the world will never be completely under a single opinion, there will aways be someone with a diferent opinion out there. And that person is probably going to be the one who tried to change people's minds in the beggining, but that person changed it's mind, because it heard too many diferent opinions that acctually made sense, and then that same person opens it's eyes to see that it's opinion was wrong from the very start, and now regrets for changing the world's opinion.

Well, that's what i think...

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Come on...

Pretty damn boring im afraid...not much game play in it :(

I get it

The people are obsessed by only the most powerfull things
they dont care about what 1 person thinks

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4.22 / 5.00

May 11, 2009
5:00 PM EDT
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