Claveman Ep. 5/5 Betatron

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judging from the other reviews and what i saw i too was diapointed i mean dont go hating me just because this was the first one i saw but this was the first one i reviewed tooo so i did watch the others

Extremely dissapointing

THAT took four years?!?! seriously? it waa....just very sad. You dissapointed your fans. The jokes weren't funny. And the audio is entirely too loud. Please redo it or make another part because it isn't fair to the people who love claveman to see it end like that!

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needs reworking

This thing isn't close to the caliber of the previous episodes. You get 1 star on account of the sexy robot girl with the glow stick in her mouth.

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Well i dont wanna sound like a broken record and say what everyone else below me said, but i will say this... last episode was random and i had a feelin it was going to go WAY off story once the Pokemon and Meatwad made a cameo appearance... and apparently I was right.

Here's what I noticed though... from the beginning, till before the enemy is revealed, I can see the creativity and original "feel" of the Claveman style. Once the enemy was revealed, I knew I was fucked.

Seriously, there HAS to be a legitimate excuse as to why it took you 4 years to complete this. Were you busy with other projects (maybe for other people)? Did something major happen in your life (like school, work, a family death... all of the above, maybe)? Cause that I can understand... when your mind is busy and more focused on other important things, your creative juices are at a minimum. Im guilty of it too. I hope to god it wasn't that you got lazy, didnt give a shit, maybe even forgot about it, the got sick of the bitching from other fans waiting for you to make the final ending, and as a result, came this piece of crap... cause if it is, you just basically bitchslapped the shit out of every single long-time claveman fan out there. And i'm not talkin bout the ones giving this flash a 10 just cause it's claveman. I'm talkin bout people like me, who from the very start got into the series because if its basic storyline, and random (yet funny) actions. You might have gained some new fans from this (god help you though, majority of the peopel here wouldn't know what real humor is if it bit them on the ass), but you also lost alot of old fans. So i guess enjoy whatever satisfaction you got out of this.

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4 years waiting man... wtf?

Sigh...I'm dissapointed (god I sound like my parents just then). As much as I love claveman, this really felt like a rushed ending which made no sence! the randomness with your last episodes seemed to work so well but yet this feels VERY unscripted.Okay the intro did make me smile when you reffered to your "little" hiatus but I was really expecting more nick. I just wanted a good ending. At least you've finished it I guess.

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May 10, 2009
7:56 PM EDT
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