Claveman Ep. 5/5 Betatron

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What the hell happened?!

OK. I know that you have been really busy and had finally gotten this done but this was a real disappointment. This episode made absolutely no sense what so ever. Normally, I try to provide criticism but I don't know what to say. Normally your stuff is really funny. I mean, I love your animation, style, and characters but what happened to your story writing. And not saying this in a mean way. I just don't understand what happened here with your finale. Both in writing and the overall plot. The ending was way confusing and felt irreverent. The beginning where you made fun of the long wait made me laugh but that was it.

Now, I do apologize for this being negative but I want to be a critical as possible. I do however want to say this. I'm not going to leave this review without saying I still can't wait for your next cartoon of any kind. And NG users, you need to do the same. Nick, you have the talent and the eye to make people laugh. Just because this wasn't your best work doesn't mean we're going to give up on you. Or so I hope no one gives up on you. I mean I understand you being busy and that this probably affected your dedication and work on the cartoon. However, this should not mean that we, the viewers, should turn our backs on you. I know... I'm probably just blabbing on. My point though is that if all the reviews on this have gotten you down, I encourage you to keep animating. Your HAVE the talent and don't give that up dude. I'm still keeping the faith.

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yup, you and adult swim have slowly began to suck since the beginning of this.

meh, not great

some parts were mildly funny, but a lot of the things that made the first three fifths of this series great weren't seen here. I would've loved the ending much better if the canadian pirate ended up being the one to steal claveman's family and says he'll give them back if claveman just GIVES HIM HIS DAMN BISCUITS!!! and that launches into an epic and hilarious battle. but the android? the time machine for no reason? I'm sorry to say but, that was kinda lame.

Very Disappointed

I too was one of many who waited these four, long years for the conclusion to this masterpiece series. I watched Claveman from the very beginning, becoming completely enamored with the fresh style, unique humor and smooth animation this series offered. I eagerly awaited each update and even as the the months stretched into years, I kept track on the Dinowax site for updates. When it was supposed to be posted, I waited out the "errors", until it was posted. Sadly, I wish I hadn't, because this new flash has no business calling itself part of the Claveman 'Franchise'.

The animation was slow, disorganized, hard to follow and... not funny. It was unremarkable, the animation was okay and simply lacked the elements that made the other flashes so successful. There was no follow up with the story, no return from previous characters (the Canadian Pirate was always my favorite) and nothing to bring this story to a close. All in all, I looked back on those four years I waited and realized I wasted my time. I wish I could say better, but this truly does not deserve the name Claveman.

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You broke my heart....

I was a huge fan of claveman and watched it from the beginning. After four years of patiently waiting for this to come, I felt a huge dissapointment. It was as if I waited a whole year for santa to bring me something special, but when he arrives with his gift, it is the total opposite of what I wished to recieve. What happened here? Why didn't you give this an ending? Sure it was an ending, but it's more like a cliffhanger. In a way it's as if you redirected the whole point of this story as well.

In the end, this was not worth the 4 year wait.

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May 10, 2009
7:56 PM EDT
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