Claveman Ep. 5/5 Betatron

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ur back!!!

I can't believe I get so see another Claveman! I thought it was over! I just got done watching the series through! This is just one of NG's very best series! Eclamations!!!!1111onetwothreefour


I can't believe you actually made the last episode. I was sure it'd never come. Wierd thing is, I just watched your other ones over again a few weeks ago and even commented that since it's been so long, this series will likely be dropped. Anyway, thanks for making the last flash!

...Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the others...sorry dude. Like the other people are saying, the beginning was the best part. It was still funny, just not as much so as the others, which makes it sorta dissapointing, considering it's been four years. But you *still* made it, and I'm happy.

As for it being "Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Crack," as morta says, I'd have to say Claveman beats that shitty show to pieces. I'd rather watch three minutes of Claveman than *any* amount of that garbage Hunger Force.

Hope your next series is as good as this one! Thanks for the laughs!


I had been following this series for quite some time, since it was brought into creation by you. However, I thought that this episode was kind of dissipointing. Didn't make me laugh quite as hard as the other eps before it. Still, I did enjoy it and I was just happen to see another episode after so long.

This series is like Aqua Teen Hunger Force on crack... I didn't even know that was possible!

started off great

the opening was hilarious with the bunnies and puffins on fire and the conversation with the narrarator was good as well. The rest was ok but can of below the standards you set up on the previous 5 movies. On another note, the animation seemed to improve somewhat and i hope there is another season.


Your so late but thankyou! MAN this is crazy!

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May 10, 2009
7:56 PM EDT
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